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Facebook share drops after losses due to Apple's tracking opt-in

If you use Facebook on your iPhone, you can forbid tracking. (Photo: Koshiro K / Shutterstock)
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Apple’s tracking opt-in presses the conversion rate on Facebook ads, among other things. Now Facebook is correcting the numbers down and trying to reassure advertisers.

Because of Apple’s changes to the privacy settings that came with the update iOS 14.5 came into effect in April, so Facebook is less able to display personalized ads. This continues to have an impact on the conversion rate – more than expected, Facebook announced. The Facebook share then fell by a good four percent.

Facebook corrects numbers

Because Apple mobile users can now prohibit apps from tracking their activities, less data is available for personalized ads . Many advertisers have reported that the impact of Apple’s changes was stronger than expected, writes Facebook’s marketing manager Graham Mudd in a blog post.

At the same time, Mudd tries to reassure customers: The worrying figures are due, among other things, to He admits that Facebook had reported too little about the development of conversions.

Facebook reported the reactions of iOS users to ads by 15 percent too low. In addition, the conversions would fluctuate greatly depending on the ad partner.

“We believe that actual conversions, such as sales and app installs, are higher than what has been shown for many advertisers,” says Mudd. Facebook is working on improving the evaluations.

Personalized ads despite less data

In the future, Facebook wants to be able to generate personalized ads with less personal data . Developing the necessary technology would take several years, but be optimistic, explains Mudd.

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