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EY: Most companies do not pay enough attention to cyber defense

Most companies do not pay enough attention to cyber defense, most company executives do not even consult with the cybersecurity department when starting a new business – EY explains to MTI
The survey was conducted between March and May this year, involving 1,010 senior IT and other senior executives working for organizations with at least $ 1 billion in revenue. Global research, mainly based on telephone interviews, has collected data in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, India, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region.

The Communication points out: there has been a growing demand for easily accessible digital solutions from anywhere. Changing market expectations have led companies to improve their IT systems, but they are no longer properly managed

As an example, 77% of professionals surveyed reported an increasing number of attacks, such as blackmail viruses. in the last year, however, the management of eight out of ten companies does not even consult with the cybersecurity department or an external consultant when starting a new business

The communication cites Mihály Zala, Head of Information Security at EY, who said: In Hungary, an organization that does not have adequate cyber security tools and processes can suffer tens of millions of damages.

IT managers need to emphasize the role of data protection and provide resources to develop effective technological solutions. It is also unavoidable for an experienced external expert to check in time that the systems are properly secure, as a hacker exploits the vulnerabilities in a matter of seconds, the expert pointed out.

According to research, 43 percent of CIOs believe they do not have enough tools to deal effectively with threats in the near future. In addition, 36 percent of respondents said their company could suffer an online hacking at any time, which could be prevented if organizations were given enough attention and resources for cyber defense.

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