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Extinction Rise in fourth day of Esso oil depot protests in London | UK News

Protests by climate change activists enter fourth day with blockade of oil facility in west London.

Extinction Rebellion said about 30 protesters returned to the Esso West oil facility near Heathrow Airport at 4 am. on Monday.

action group warned that he was “here to stay” and “will continue blockading oil installations until government agrees to stop everything new immediate investment in fossil fuels.

Handout photo of Extinction Rebellion of their activists block the Esso West oil facility near Heathrow Airport in London.  Photo date: Monday, April 4, 2022
protests in west london follow weekend of action in other parts of Great Britain

Extinction Rebellion said in a statement that activists are blocking the entrance. with two bamboo structures and two large banners with the words “Join Us – London April 9” and “Stop Fossil Fuels Now”.

representative for The Metropolitan Police reported that force knows of protest and officers are at the scene.

United Kingdom public wants “faster action on the energy crisis”

Andrew Smith of Extinction Rebellion said: “We’re here to say that climate action can’t wait.

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“Right now governments prefer to use the crisis in Ukraine at your fingertips out oil licenses and continue to use fossil fuels economy it destroys us.

” reality yes, UK public wants faster action on climate during the energy crisis.

“We know what is happening and what needs to be done – acting in service of corporate interest over will of in people, government shows contempt for in people who elected them.

“How long has our prime minister let’s say COP26 was ours last chance save humanity? And now they ignore the climate policy once again. this is not life in reality.”

Police took part in protests at an oil facility near Heathrow.

group said further action is pending on April 9 in London Hyde Park.

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Starting Friday, Extinction Rebellion and second campaign group, Just Stop Oil, staged a row of protests at oil terminals and refineries across the UK.

Just Stop Oil blocked tank farms over the weekend in Grace, Purfleet, Buncefield, Tamworth and central Birmingham.

over 80 people were arrested in Essex over weekend while 14 was spent in Staines in Surrey. Six were arrested in Birmingham.

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