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Explained: The 22 closed rooms of the Taj Mahal, the mystery is not

Allahabad High Court on Thursday (May 12) rejected a petition seeking “a fact-finding commission to study and publish real Date of Taj Mahal “and”direction…to open the closed doors (about 22 rooms) inside the Taj Mahal to rest from the controversy.”

A judicial council comprising Judges Subhash Vidyarthi and Devendra Kumar Upadhyaya said prayers are “unjusticiable” and “such issues…should He is left to be discussed among academics, scholars, and historians.”

no secret history

The so-called “22 rooms” in the basement of The Taj Mahal is not really rooms, but a long arched corridor along the doors fixed So space It can be made better use of, sources in Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) who I’ve seen the vault area on Several occasions, he said. The sources said that ASI employees at the Taj Mahal clean ‘rooms’ weekly or bi-weekly, and ‘there is nothing’. on The walls are there.”

Retired Assi official who did not want To be identified he said the area not of The interest of tourists, and therefore it is closed to prevent unnecessary movement of people In a protected World Heritage site that gets up To 1 lakh visitors per day.

“nothing secret history in The bunker, it is for For security reasons only that area is kept out of the border for visitors” official She said.

Architect feature

The famous archaeologist K.K. Mohammed , who retired و in 2012 As the regional director of ASI (North), he told Indian Express that he had not seen any religious decorations inside the basement rooms of Crown. He said that such rooms are common in Other structures from the Mughal era of similar nature – in Agra, and at Humayun’s Tomb and Safdarjung’s tomb in Delhi.

“ASI maintains all basement rooms. The walls are bare, and there are no decorations. It is just Structural element for lifting base on Which main Mohammad said.

that official From the Agra Circle of ASI said: “For the sake of structure of This size, once foundation Arches are made to raise the platform and distribute the load uniformly. Surveys are conducted from time to time by going downstairs to test Power of Taj Mahal.”

Claims of temple’

Claims were made over Many years – and repeatedly rejected by historians, ASI officials and courts including the Supreme Court – that the Taj Mahal is in fact a Hindu temple and idols of May be gods and goddesses hidden in her vault.

Muhammad said that Taj was first Referred in Badshahnama, and official Chronicle of Shah Jahan era – architecture features are so that can not be built Even 50 years earlier than the time allotted to it historically, due to way Mughal architecture evolved. “It takes double- Dome, vaccinations and seated men various Muhammad said: “The Mughal buildings that existed at the time of the commission.”


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