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Experienced British skier dies in off- fall off the track in France, the investigation reported | Great Britain news

Experienced British skier fell on death when trying to cross off- slope of the track with friend in French Alps, listened to the inquiry.

Michael Rowell, 34, from Farnborough, Hampshire. who been skiing since the age of five, it is believed that he slipped and fell from a height of 24 meters (80 feet) with edge on to the rocks.

Rowell, a chartered accountant, enjoyed his first full day skiing in Chamonix area with his friend Niall Jones in March.

The couple decided to go skiing off- route between black and red run but realized it was not safe and stopped, intending to return along their route and find a better approach.

Jones told investigators in Winchester they spent the part of the day before you get up on marked skis runs. In a day of tragedy they were skiing in warm and sunny conditions.

“We decided to ski between red and black runJones said. “There were many of previous ski runs, so we knew that others were walking on it.

“We were skiing along with only 10-20 meters between us. At about 10.50 we reached the point without ski tracks. Mike went ahead to see if there was a ski route. down.

“He shouted back me that there was no route, so I took off my skis and started walking back up hill to where we were last saw traces.

“There was no direct line. of look between us because of terrain so I screamed down to him to see where he was. There was no answer, so I called him, but there was still no answer. My initial thought was that he was skiing down”.

As Jones walked carefully back down on the hill he could see a lone ski sticking out in snow, inquiry heard. “I had to carefully dig in every foot to get down. I called out to him and called him again but there was no answer.”

Jones called rescuers at 11:05 a.m. and they sent a helicopter. French rescue in the mountains team reached Rowell, but he suffered from several fatal injury. They are found his cracked helmet 50 meters (164 ft) below where is it body was opened.

Rowell’s wife, Helen, told her husband did not take risks. “Mike was a very calm, kind, generous, intelligent man. we spent a lot of skiing together,” she said. It was his first ski trip for four years, but added: “They would have their own map out worked the night before out where they were going to go, he could very well of skiing off-track.

Sentence record of accidental deathcoroner Jason Pegg said: “I think Mike had to take his skis off to way up mountain… and unfortunately he slipped down what area over en edge and fell on to the snowy rocks below.

“It seems to me that this was a desperately tragic case, he simply underestimated area where he was and slipped leading to the fall. These injuries were such that he died instantly.”

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