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Expenses of life: “Without electricity, my little boy die’- how Growing UK bills will be a problem of life or death | UK News

“Without electricity, Isaac would die. This is not an exaggeration. So I have to pay no matter what cost.”

For Maxine Rothchester save power on in her house literally a question of life or death.

She took care of Isaac from the age of eight months. He’s almost nine now, but his condition means he’s mentally old. of newborn and weighs just 11kg.

Isaac has Allan-Herndon-Dudley syndrome.

suffering from birth with Allan-Herndon-Dudley Syndrome, an extremely rare condition for which he needs 24/7 care and specialist assistance. equipment to keep him alive.

“I, like a lot of of parents with children who need it’s equipment, I’m horrified,” Maxine told Sky News.

” equipment what we need it’s not a choice – it’s life for Isaac.

“The elevator takes him upstairs, and we have a bath, up and down we have a profiling bed, he on oxygen 24/7 is run on machine. Every aspect of his life is controlled by electricity.”

Like Isaac full-caretaker time, Maxine can’t work elsewhere to increase your income. it depends on Universal Credit and help from the National Health Service.

Weekly electricity bills already increased.

“I noticed that they changed already,” she said.

“We probably spend around £30 a week. more what we were. I’m not really know how we’ll make it when it’s all over up again. Because the money coming in stay the same (but) money going out there will be a lot more.”

Isaac needs a specialist equipment to keep him alive
Isaac needs a specialist equipment to keep him alive

Maxine added: “Yes, we receive disability living allowance, but it must cover some expenses. for Isaac like play equipment. It’s not meant to pay the bills for the house, how will it end up going on.”

Maxine said she had “nothing left cut off back”.

She continued, “I have dogs, but I’m not going to get rid of them. of my dogs because that’s my sanity.

“I can not think of any other way save money. Sick just have to pay. Sick just gotta find it somehow. Probably cut back on my own food.”

Maxine is sure on Universal Credit and help from the National Health Service
Maxine is sure on Universal Credit and help from the National Health Service

Maxine said she wanted government In outline clear and precise details of exactly what is extra help will be suggested to those struggling pay them rising accounts.

“To have a plan ahead of in next big rise it would really good thing for help stop us worries even more,” she said.

As we leave Maxine and Isaac, her parting words are a prime example of just how hard growing bills for some: “I’m not asking for a lot, i just asking for help with power to keep my little boy alive.”

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