Expenses of life crisis: bus fare in England to be capped at £2 between January and March | UK news

Bus trips in England will be capped at £2 between January and March. next year to help people to deal with with in rising cost of life.

Branch for Transport said the plan could save some passengers more than £3 per bus ticket.

Average rate for A three-mile trip costs around £2.80, DfT said, adding that this means passengers will save 30% every time they travel.

Transport Minister Grant Shapps, who announced scheme, said: “This £60 million increase will mean that everyone can access work education at an affordable price. shops and doctor’s orders.

“We know people will feel the pressure of rising spending this winter and that’s how we work hard this summer to provide practical concrete help it will reduce daily expenses.”

Bus operators representing 90% of in market expressed support for plan, DfT said.

Paul Tuohy, Executive Director of Campaign for Better Transport, said: “It will be very helpful news for in millions of people who rely on bus to get to work to shops for doctor’s appointments and connection with friends and family.

“The buses have great the potential to reduce traffic and carbon emissions, bring communities together and alleviate loneliness.

“This £2 travel restriction we have called for – will help set buses on road to bright future.”

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Alison Edwards, policy director in Confederation of Passenger transport, said the idea was “eye-catching”- adding what he is looking for forward to “understanding in detail how the proposed tariff ceiling would be work in practice to ensure maintains long-term stability of bus networks.

In August government announced £130 million in funding to maintain bus service in England in in face of severe cuts.

Labor said the plan to restrict travel was inadequate.half measure”, with shadow transport secretary Louise Hay adds: “This weekend the Labor mayors will cut bus fares. for millions of people for for a long time-term.

“government’s temporary 90-day reprieve after many years of high rates are match scale of a crisis.

“Passengers all over the country facing a cost of emergency need more how half measures.”


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