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Exciting Insights into the On the Road Competitor App

Since American billionaire Elon Musk acquired Twitter last October, reports show that the number of Twitter users has declined over the past period.

A new study by the Pew Research Center found that 60% of Twitter users in the US said they took weeks or more off the platform in the past year.

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Project test

While the future of Twitter is still uncertain, especially after Linda Iaccarino took over as CEO of the company, Meta decided to enter the competition with a new blogging app based on the Instagram interface, according to an Arabic tech news portal.

This new app is expected to launch this summer, according to an email shared with a select group of creators and verified by TechCrunch.

People familiar with the matter said the company is currently testing the project with a number of celebrities and influencers and has made it available without notice to a select number of creators for several months. But none of them had access to the full version of the app, according to a Bloomberg report.

It will be partially integrated with Instagram

Also, the new app will be standalone, but it will be partly integrated with Instagram as it will allow people to link their accounts and all their followers will be notified to follow them through the new app. The new application will also be decentralized and compatible with other applications such as: Mastodon, which was developed based on the ActivityPub protocol, which is a decentralized protocol for social networks.

In this regard, Leah Habermann, who teaches social media marketing and influencers at the University of California, posted a screenshot of the new app on Twitter via Twitter, stating that Mita will likely launch it at the end of June.

What will the new app be like?

Instagram’s new decentralized app will be codenamed P92 or Barcelona, ​​as first reported by MoneyControl, which Meta said in a statement that it is “already exploring an independent decentralized social network for text updates and believes there is an opportunity for a separate space where content creators and individuals can post timely updates about their interests.

According to Habermann, “Text messages in the new app will be up to 500 words, with the ability to add links, images and videos up to 5 minutes long. For example: Twitter and competing apps, there will be a feed where you can like, reply or repost content.”

She explained that Meta has yet to share a specific monetization plan for the new app with the creators, which could mean not showing ads through the app at first, indicating that in this case, the focus is expected to be on distributing the app. application.

Account security features

Users will also be able to log in with their Instagram username and password, sync followers, and transfer their username, bio, and even an authentication tag to the new app.

The app will also include content creation controls and account security features, as replies and mentions can be easily controlled and spam blocked or reported, and accounts that have been banned from Instagram will be moved.

Based on the two leaked screenshots, the new app looks like you’ve mixed Instagram and Twitter.

Is the market ready for Twitter alternatives?

Given the confusion caused by Twitter’s recent policy change, the market is ripe for new Twitter alternatives, and we’ve seen it on platforms like Mastodon and Bluesky launched by Jack Dorsey, co-founder and former CEO of Twitter. .

However, like any company, when Meta launches new apps and experiences, it doesn’t always achieve the expected success. Over the past few years, the company has introduced products such as the tbh app for teens and Cameo-like Super, which I shut down last February, the Nextdoor clone app for connecting with neighbors and sharing local news, which I also shut down at the end of 2022, the Tuned app, the Campus app for students, and many other apps that I can’t achieve. any success.

However, it is possible that the Meta has learned from all her previous failures, and in this attempt she is very successful.

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