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Exchange Buenbit adds stablecoins and free trade between Ethereum and BSC

Buenbit, a cryptocurrency exchange in Argentina, announced a series of new features that add new functions to its platform. These include the possibility of operating on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain for the exchange of stablecoins. These transactions are carried out at no cost when using this network on the platform.

Until now, the only stable cryptocurrency available on the exchange was DAI (DAI). However, now Buenbit will add USD Coin (USDC), tether (USDT) and Binance USD (BUSD) . All these can be transacted without commissions in BSC, and also between this blockchain and Ethereum’s.

The “good news” for Buenbit clients was reported through a publication on Twitter by Matías Caricato, Technology director of the exchange. In this publication, in addition, you can see various user queries that both Caricato and Tobal García, another member of the Buenbit development team, responded.

In this way, several important clarifications emerged. For example, one of them is that this option multichain is only available for stablecoins and not for bitcoin (BTC) or ether (ETH). It is also clarified that this function allows withdrawals between the Binance exchange and Buenbit without commissions , as long as the BSC network is used.

Buenbit’s CTO shared a screenshot of a rewarded transaction at BSC. Source: Twitter.

Other news of Buenbit in the year

CriptoNoticias has reported several events that have to see with the expansion of this Argentine company during 2021. The most recent was the launch of a Mastercard card for its users in Argentina , which can be requested from the mobile application of the exchange and can be used in all businesses in the world that accept the cards of this multinational.

On the other hand, in July Buenbit announced the results of a financing round that allowed it to raise USD 11 million. These funds will be used to start the company’s activities in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, and to consolidate its presence in Peru.

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