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Excessive, will remain outthe Supreme Court Election Commission said before the U-turn

Just weeks ago, the Election Commission told the Supreme Court that “freebies” and “irrationality” are subjective and open to interpretation. Recognize that “grants can have different effects on the society, economystock “, the European Union admitted that it will be over-Reach of Powers to organize policy industry on the topic.

Thus, the European Commission’s note to the political parties on Tuesday, in The name of Voter detection, the turn is marked by the ballot panel.

European Commission demand of Along with the political parties cost of Promises and sources of financing, as well as estimates of revenues and expenditures in State or Union budget, impact assessment on Financial sustainability, is a departure from its previous hands-off adopted approach in that it various Written statements to the Supreme Court.

It seems that the intention of the European Commission has weight in substantially in The freebie debate that gained momentum after Prime Minister Narendra Modi was politically targeted opponents mid-July warned people against Revdi culture that says it’s ‘too dangerous’ for country, her development and luxury.

On April 9, the Election Commission informed the Supreme Court that offering or distributing free gifts in The run-up for the election was policy decision of Political parties and questions like Whether these policies financially Viable or will have a negative effect on economic health of The state had to be considered and decided by the voter.

In an affidavit to the Supreme Court, the European Commission said it could not regulate state policies and decisions which can be taken by a party After they make up government As such, without support of The law, it would be a transgression of powers. The affidavit has been submitted in Reply to petition by advocate Ashwini Upadhyay who wanted Court prohibits parties from promising “unreasonable gifts” from public Funds and prescribes standard statement format for All Parties.

Election Commission of India can’t regulate state policies and decisions Which the winner can take party when make up government. Such a procedure, without enabling provisions in The law, it would be a transgression of powers,” he said in this april year.

Less than two months ago, on August 11, the European Commission submitted a supplementary affidavit in which argued that “there is no precise definition of The term “free gifts” in legal list / policy framework And it is difficult to determine term “Irrational free gifts”, as both “freebies” and “irrationality” are subjective and open to interpretation.

Supplementary Statement from ECI in In response to the Supreme Court’s discontent over her previous position, also He stated that “freebies can have different effects on the society, economyand fairness, depending on the situation, context and time period.” In fact and with The Supreme Court proposes preparation up of A committee to suggest ways of dealing with The issue of Prepare of FREE, EC made He. She clear He-she won’t be a good fit for to be a part of Such a committee. “…it might not be a good fit for Commission (elections), as the constitutional authority, to offer to participate in of Committee of experts, especially if there are ministries or government agencies in expert body,” He Said.

ECI has taken a similar position in January 2020 in Another pending petition filed by Bentabati Paula Rao, who Compete as a candidate of Janasina Party of Eloro Parliamentary Constituency in Andhra Pradesh in 2019 national Elections and direct interrogation cash Free conversion charts and offers.

In its letter to the political parties on Tuesday, the Electoral Commission said it agreed in Principle with the point of view That the framing data is correct of Political parties, but the unwanted influence can not be overlooked of some of Promises and offers on the behavior of Free and fair elections and maintain the standard playing area for All political parties and candidates.

Therefore, while the Election Commission has refrained from defining freebies and has not explicitly sought to regulate them, it has given itself the responsibility to of spelling out range and extension of Freebies, their own financial implicit, financing mechanism, and effect on financial sustainability of state or center, on political parties.

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