Ex-cop gets 7 years in Prison for Role in January 6 Attack

Federal Judge Sentence former police officer on from Thursday to more than seven years in prison for his role in January 6 attack equal to the longest punishment down already in a lengthy Justice Department investigation into the Capitol riots.

Man, Thomas Robertson of Ferrum, Virginia, was sentenced to seven years and three months in prison and then three years of supervised release by Judge Christopher Cooper of US District Court in Washington.

federal jury found Mr Robertson, 49, guilty in April of five felonies including obstruction of en official litigation, civil unrest, and the carrying of weapons in restricted buildingaccording to the US Attorney’s Office for area of Colombia. Prosecutors said the army veteran, who during the riots, brandished a large stick and put on a gas mask, confronted the police who tried to stop the increasingly aggressive crowd.

“Thomas Robertson, despite the oath of office when he became a cop joined violent crowd in the capitol on January 6, 2021, and did so while armed,” U.S. Attorney Matthew M. Graves said. in statement.

The sentence came 10 days after another federal judge sentenced Guy Wesley Refitt. first defendant go on trial in in attack on Capitol, up to seven years and three months in prison. That judge, Dabney L. Friedrich, said the sentence was significantly longer than any sentence ever handed down. down still more than 800 people arrested in connection with riot.

Mark Rollins, lawyer for Mr Robertson said on On Thursday, he planned to appeal his client’s conviction.

In a handwritten letter to Judge Cooper, filed on July 28, Mr. Robertson, former member of Rocky Mount Police Department in Virginia, said that he “had undergone many of for Trump and against Biden media shortly before the riot because he cared of sick friend who was an active supporter of in former the president.

“I have never been a big supporter of Trump, and in fact I completely agree with Vice President Pence that he does not have the constitutional authority to delay vote count,” Mr. Robertson wrote. “My arrival there were so many functions in the Capitol after the rally of the crowd followed anything and there was no one more surprised than me that I could walk unhindered directly to the Capitol.

However, prosecutors painted a different picture. They said in court documents that Mr. Robertson believed the presidential election was rigged and was determined to cancel results. On January 6, they said, Mr. Robertson and another police officer traveled to Washington to attend a “Stop theft” rally. on National Mall, and then put on gas masks in the Capitol.

Mr Robertson who was trained in using police baton brandishing a large wooden stick in tactical position and blocked path of officers who tried to stop the violent advance. Mr. Robertson met up with another officer, Jacob Fraker, 30, inside the Capitol, and they took selfie of making obscene gestures prosecutors said.

Mr Fraker, who also was a member of Rocky Mount Police Department pleaded guilty in March 2021 on federal conspiracy charges, prosecutors said and witnessed for charge at Mr. Robertson’s trial. Mr Fraker’s sentencing scheduled for Tuesday.

In the days after attackboasted Mr. Robertson. on social media about his actions prosecutors said. He said he was proud of the picture he took of himself in the Capitol.

“It shows 2 men ready to actually put the skin in in game and stand up for their rights,” Mr. Robertson wrote. on Facebook, according to prosecutors. “If you are too much of coward before risk arrest a dismissal and a real shooting to protect your rights, you have no words to say I appreciate.”


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