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Even Imran can’t stop party workers if attempt made to arrest He: Asad Umar – Pakistan

Former federal minister and PTI secretary general Asad Umar on Saturday warned that if the attempt was made to arrest former prime minister Imran Khan or threaten his life, then neither party leadership, neither Imran himself could have stopped party workers from the reaction.

Talking to media in Islamabad, he shared what he got call from “very senior administration officer” around 17:00 yesterday, hours before the PTI chairman was scheduled to speak at the rally in multan, in to which the officer warned Umar that there was a “very serious threat”.

Umar said he spoke to Imran and recommended that bulletproof measures be taken. made.

“Highly next morning at 3 am, in darkness of night, police team I arrived [at Imran’s Banigala residence] for poll. They are found time at 3 am in the morning after the threatening letter was published 10 days ago. Who are they trying to fool? They are already knew that Imran was not there.

“If they came to give message that they could do even that and Imran would be scared… Imran – remote maybe you can’t even scare the youth while standing with me.”

PTI secretary general said that more in new government showed their intention use force, the more party the reaction will be.

Imran Khan and PTI consider in peaceful politics and rule of law, he said. “PTI never attacked the Supreme Court, never created bench in the Quetta registry and then organized decision against seated chief justice of Pakistan never tried [hijack] airplane of acting commander of the army.

Instead of this party and the strength of Imran Khan was in countries people and the PTI chairman “didn’t intend to of using violence, he added. “But I want to tell you. God forbid, even if an attempt made to arrest Imran or threaten his life then you will responsible for what’s happening in Pakistan. Forget useven Imran Khan will not hold them (party workers) back.”

Umar said protection of in head of Pakistan “the largest political party and future PM” was the responsibility of in government.

Referring to PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz, he said that if steps you can take for in protection of a person who didn’t hold public office and is not head of political party has been convicted and is out on pledge”, then the main responsibility for Imran safety also fell on in government.

“All institutions that can provide protection … everyone is obliged to protect Imran’s life and take anything steps that are needed.”

He asked the acting government not “test”country, saying that it was only one simple, democratic and constitutional way out which was supposed to announce the date for in general elections.

Umar also criticized the incumbent Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, saying he felt sorry for him because the prime minister did not know who brought him to power or what to do.

“He (Shehbaz) has no powers. Yesterday he asked the businessmen what he should make. If you are not know what to do, why are you sitting [as PM]?”

Then he repeated his warning saying that if there were any attempts made to arrest or harm Imran, government should don’t ask PTI for help because “we won’t be able to control Pakistan”.

Previously in day, party leader Usman Dar said Islamabad police had reached the residence of Imran Banigal. with a prison Wang but gone back seeing a huge amount of Tigers of Imran.

“Listen carefully! We are not afraid of in prison van. We launched the trailer in Sialkot movie left,” he tweeted.

Dawn.com has reached out to Islamabad police for statement of Umar and Dar’s claims and is awaiting a response.

He meant events before the May 14 PTI rally in Sialkot when the police interfered party construction workers in preparation for rally in cityCTI land after a local Christian community, who owned it, refused allow This use.

DawnNewsTV reported at the time that police used tear gas and batons party activists who resisted move.

Claims of threat

Then-information minister Fawad Chaudhry said on April 1, a few days before the removal of Imran from office prime minister that the security authorities had reported a plot to assassinate the head of the PTI, and his security was subsequently beefed up. up.

Then on On April 20, Lahore Additional Deputy Commissioner Atiyab Sultan wrote to PTI leaders recommending that Imran make a virtual speech at a rally to be held. in in city in next day in light of “severe danger warnings”.

Prime Minister Shahbaz then instructed the relevant authorities to ensure the security of the PTI chief and asked the internal authorities minister personally monitor the situation. House Secretaries of all provinces were also instructed ensure Reliable security while Imran travels anywhere in the country.

Earlier this month, Imran said while speaking at a rally in Sialkot what his life was in danger and that he recorded a video in which he took the names of all those who “conspired against i” since then last summer.

“There is a conspiracy against me in closed rooms in and outside country and they want that Imran Khan’s life [is lost]– he said. — I knew of this conspiracy…so i recorded a video and saved it in safe place. If something happens to me, then this video will be [made public]. In it is the one who plotted against me, whoever has been an accomplice since then last summer, I named everyone.

He repeated on May 15 that his life is in danger, and that he recorded a video message that will be made public. in when he was assassinated after asking his supporters to “get justice for me and our country in in case something happens to me.”

Security measures

The MIA deployed 94 police and border corps (PCs). personnel for Residence of Imran Banigal, as well as 35 more of two private security companies.

Moreover, 36 personnel of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police and six from Gilgit-Baltistan is also have been deployed by their respective governments for Imran’s safety.

In addition, four vehicles and 23 personnel of Islamabad Police and one vehicle and five personnel of FC was dedicated to accompanying the PTI chairman during his travels.

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