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European Commission Wants To Ban Sale Of New Combustion Cars By 2035

The proposal intends to ban the sale of new cars running on petrol, diesel and even plug-in hybrids will make life more difficult from 2030 onwards

The European Commission proposal was announced yesterday, July 14, as you can see in the TVI24 report that we share the video, and it is already stirring up public opinion and car manufacturers .

The European Union intends to accelerate the option for electric vehicles (or all forms that ensure zero emissions), as a way to combat climate change.


Therefore, it put forward a proposal to prohibit the sale of vehicles with combustion engines from 2035 onwards. One of the novelties is also the inclusion, from 2030, of plug-in hybrids as models that are not considered low emission models, that is, they will also have their days counted in this proposal.

In a span of 10 to 15 years this could mean legislative changes in the 27 countries that make up the European Union.

Also according to information from Reuters, this proposal will have to be discussed and approved by the European Parliament, a process that is expected to take up to two years, but the European Commission intends to legislate the reduction of CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030, when what was on the table was a reduction of 37.5%.


This new bar will make practically only electric vehicles or Fuel Cell, are able to comply with these standards.

It remains to be seen how the 27 countries will manage to democratize access in this period of time. only at electric charging stations, as there are territories where it is still very difficult to have access to charging.

The European Commission wants the 27 to guarantee this installation on the main roads in a distance less than 60 km between them.


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