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Europe is concerned about the crowds on the borders of Ukraine..and Moscow “Rest assured”

While US reports confirmed Russia’s military build-up on the border with Ukraine, amid fears of a ground invasion or a military operation, the European Union expressed concern over the situation between the two countries. A European Commission spokesman said the commission had received “rather disturbing” information about the situation at the Ukrainian border.

The spokesman said in a press briefing today, Friday, according to Reuters, that the European Union continues to monitor the situation, stressing that the information it has so far is somewhat worrisome. Russia denies

On the other hand, Russia denied these rumors. The Kremlin stressed that his country does not pose a threat to anyone. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in a conference call, “We have repeatedly stated that The movements of our armed forces on our lands should not be a cause for concern.”

He also added that some media reports unnecessarily inflame the tension between East and West.

He also made it clear that it was Moscow that noticed an increase in what he described as the provocative behavior of its opponents, including an increase in the activity of NATO in the Black Sea and the flights of Western spy planes that left no room for silence.

In addition, he stressed that his country would “take, when necessary, the necessary measures to ensure its security if its opponents made movements at the borders,” referring to Ukraine. Previously, Washington had discussed with our allies There are concerns in the European Union about a possible Russian attack on Ukraine. He also pointed to suspicious movements of Russian forces on the border, as one of the reasons for this American concern.

Tensions often escalate between the two neighboring countries, which have exchanged accusations for years, while Moscow considers Ukraine a thorn in its side for its pro-Western and alliance NATO, Kiev always accuses it of intimidation by threatening a military invasion whenever the dispute escalates between them.

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