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EU warns next Single acting PM on Brexit deal of ‘great concern’ | Brexit

EU warns arriving Britons prime ministerprobably, Liz Truss, that any unilateral action to dispose of the part of the Brexit deal is legally and politically of “great anxiety” across the continent.

warning Vice-President of the European Commission Maros Sefcovic spoke. just days before new prime minister Expected confirm they will move forward with new dismantling laws for Northern Ireland.

Truss and Sunak made a commitment with Northern Ireland protocol bill in their leadership campaigns despite the threat of reciprocal trade war with EU.

“One-way action is natural of great concerns,” Šefčović said in front of an audience that included visiting ministers from the British and Irish governments.

“No, it’s not like that for United Kingdom government single-handedly change our bilateral agreement and change the conditions under which goods can be imported into the single market and reach out to our consumers.

He added: “It’s just legally and politically unthinkable. clear violation of international the law is doing enormous damage to mutual trust and respect between the EU and the UK.”

Northern Ireland secretary Shailesh Vara, stated on Friday, no matter what cravings back.

He told the British Irish Association in Oxford, where Šefčović spoke, that Britain “intends” to find a solution through “negotiation and agreement”, but “with legislation if we can’t.”

The laws will act as an “insurance policy what we can ensure we have way of resolving issues with in protocol”, he said. “Like all insurance policies, they are better if they are not referenced, but we have to make a decision.”

Šefčović said that the two agreements that the UK has with EU was founded on “trust” and depend on “legally binding obligations are met.”

“There are no two options in this,” he said, adding that the unilateral move would send signal to the rest of in world that the UK leadership is not interested in cooperation with EU at a dangerous time of war and cost of life crisis.

He also put forward counternarrative Trassu, who previously stated this year what was not in the UK option but take unilateral action, because negotiations over 18 months have come to naught.

Šefčović said that the UK failed study with EU proposals made in October or perspective of further compromises beyond those plans. “In short, they were dismissed without consideration. The UK didn’t even participate. in any meaningful discussion with us February,” he said.

“This is not a take or no offer,” he said. added but the sentences “however, were never seriously considered up my colleagues.”

Šefčović says talks are on hold in February after Russia invasion of Ukraine and instead of renewal, UK took unilateral action. And he reminded the audience that some of what Brussels has proposed aims to address the UK’s concerns, but has not been seriously discussed.

These include the “express lane” or “green lane”. in requirements track, for goods intended for Republic of Ireland and 80% discount in checks on agricultural products and plants and 50% discount in customs checks.

He said the EU called on United Kingdom government study with Brussels on Problems in Northern Ireland for “over a yearand this request still stands for in new prime minister.

which protocol required checks on goods going from the UK to Northern Ireland were designed to avoid the border on island of Ireland how fast way of Boris Johnson delivers Brexit.

But it is strongly opposed by conservative Euroskeptics and trade unions. community and led to paralysis in power-exchange at the Stormont Assembly.

The recently deceased David Trimble said that protocol “breaks the heart” out of Good Friday Agreement.

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