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ESP says Chaudhry Shujaat remain president of PML-Q before next hearing

Former prime minister and PML-Q President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain speaking at a press conference at his residence. in Islamabad on August 01, 2022 – Online
  • ESP says Shujaat and Chima will remain in office until next hearing.
  • The Commission postpones consideration of the case until 16 August.
  • There were disagreements in party since the controversy broke out over Punjab CM interview.

ISLAMABAD: Electoral Commission of Pakistan (ECP) said on Friday that former prime minister Chaudhry Shujaat would remain PML-Q President and Tariq Bashir Cheema, his secretary-general before next hearing of commission.

ECP of four bench led by the Chief Commissioner for Elections (CEC) Sikandar Sultan Raja heard Shujaat. plea against inside-party elections.

During today’s meeting, the CEC stated that the ECP sends notifications to the parties. in case, PML-Q leader and his brother Pervez Elahi and Punjab Secretary General Kamil Ali Agha, and both Shujaat and Cheema will retain their posts until next hearing.

The CEC then adjourned consideration of the case until 16 August.

Today’s hearing

Shujaat counsel said four members bench what his client got know about a meeting of in partyThe meeting of the central working committee, which in an unsigned letter decided to remove the ex-premier and Chima.

He said bench that the central working committee “does not exist” in in party and leaders decision conduct intra-party elections were also illegal.

“Members didn’t know of meeting; there is no list of members who participated in meeting; therefore, it is illegal,” the lawyer said.

He stressed that Shujaat and Cheema were still in their positions and demanded that action be taken. against leaders who called themselves members of Central Working Committee.

The lawyer said that the central working committee did not have the authority to remove party president from office while they can leave office by voluntary resignation.

He informed bench what last elections of PML-Q have been carried out in 2021 and each contestant in these surveys were elected without resistance.

“Not office the carrier may be removed. They stop holding office only if they retire or die.”

fault lines

fault lines in in party it became clear when Shujaat refused support Elahi during the reign of the Punjab minister in the elections, saying he would not back PTI chairman candidate Imran Khan, even if it was his brother.

As a result, Elahi lost the election to PML-N leader Hamza Shahbaz with a score of 10 votes as they were rejected after Shujaat’s letter former deputy speaker Dost Mazari.

But Hamza’s victory was short-lived, as the Supreme Court appointed Elahi to head minister.

After these events, in end of June, Central Working Committee (TsRK) of PMLQ decided to remove party President Shujaat of the office, citing health concerns.

“I had to isolate Ch Shujaat in order to save party from destruction,” said Senator Kamil Ali Agha during a conversation with media after the WCC meeting in Lahore.

But yesterday the PML-Q Central Executive Committee passed away. confidence in leadership of Shujat and decided to send show-cause notice to Senator Agha and others for holding an “illegal assembly” in Lahore.

partyPresidents of Russian provinces dissociated themselves from the meeting in Lahore and condemned the illegal dismissal of Shuzhat and Chima. The meeting unanimously resolved to express confidence in leadership of Shujaat.

It was decided in meeting that legal team would consult with challenge illegal move of PML-Q branch in Punjab as it was not allowed to call a meeting on August 10.

meetings participants suspend party membership of those who participate in meeting in Lahore.

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