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Escaped prisoner Casey White may attempt suicide with the help of a police officer: former advocate

former advocate for Escaped Alabama convict Casey Cole White fears an old client may attempt suicide at the hands of a police officer. should-be-inmate suffers from severe mental illness and drug addiction.

Dale Bryant, who represented White in his crime fun in 2015, said his former client “wanted to die”after the arrest.

“He tried to get the officers to shoot him, which is nice. of my fear how this situation will end,” he told locals. news WAFF station.

Bryant now worries that “Casey might try to shoot [cops] to try to get them to shoot him.”

“I want to tell in his interview after arrest and in my conversations with he, he wanted to die the same day, lawyer added.

convicted murderer, who fled Lauderdale County jail April 29 with former assistant director of corrections Vicki White, 56, “suffers from mental illness”, his former the lawyer said.

“When he on medicines and in controlled environment… he is a decent person,” Bryant told the TV channel. “When will he get out of imprisonment, he can’t stay on his medications, and he even self-medicates by smoking methamphetamine or taking other illegal substances.”

Casey White may try to convince law enforcement kill his in shootout, his former said the lawyer.
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The lawyer said Casey White once confessed to him that he couldn’t function. outside a prison environment.

He couldn’t remember murder an accurate diagnosis of the suspect’s mental illness, but thinks it may be schizophrenia.

White once developed close relations with jail workers in another county in Alabama – long before he allegedly escaped prison and went on in run in former jail guard.

former assistant director of    corrections by Vicki White work A photo.
former assistant director of fixes wiki white disappeared with White after telling colleagues she was taking him to a mental health evaluation at the courthouse.
Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office

Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton called their relationship a “prison romance.” on in run together.

Vicki White told colleagues that she would take Casey to a mental health screening at the courthouse, but no appointment was made.

Instead, she abandoned the police car she was driving and is believed to have fled. with Casey in an orange 2007 Ford Edge on the same day. She recently filed for retirement and sold her home in Lexington.

Screenshot of Vicki White.
Vicki White recently filed for retirement and sold it. home in Lexington.


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