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Escaped Alabama prisoner Casey White monster,’ Mum says

ATHENS, Alabama mother of escaped Alabama inmate Casey White protected her son interview with The Post, stating that the man accused of murder is innocent and “not monster”.

“I just no idea why they drew it like monsterConnie White said. over telephone of her son, who escaped from Lauderdale County Jail Friday morning with in help of scam female corrections official, according to the police.

Connie said she spoke to her son the day before he disappeared, and “everything was fine.”

Casey, 38, led out of jail Assistant Director of Lauderdale County of Corrections Vicki White, 56, according to police, who released video of off Tuesday.

Officials told Casey and Vicki, who unrelated, hadspecial relationship”, although the prisoner mother said she didn’t know of connection.

“He never mentioned Vicki White,” Connie said. “He said he had a pen pal, but I had no idea who It was.”

wiki, who was instructed with while transporting prisoners, she said she was taking Casey to a mental health evaluation at the courthouse, police said. The meeting was faked and the couple abandoned their police car. in parking space of No one has seen him since, authorities say.

The duo put their escape like a normal date for prisoner.
Casey Cole White
The officer escorted Casey to car.
William K. Holman Correctional Institution
Casey’s mom says she son not enjoy his time at the William C. Holman Correctional Institution.
AP/Sharon Steinmann

Casey served 75-year offer for attempt murder, burglaries, robberies, kidnappings and animal cruelty. He was facing murder accusations after stabbing confession death of Connie Ridgway, 58

His mother claimed to have dealt with it crime get change of landscape in the countryside jail.

“The only one reason he came out should have been in Lauderdale County out of in prison he was in,” she said.

“He wrote a letter saying that he killed that woman. But in fact he is not murder she he just did it to get back up here.

“He just wanted be out of that prison because it was like that bad and there was no food.

Casey Cole White
Casey talked to his mom the day before the escape, and she didn’t expect anything to happen. off.
Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office
Assistant Director of the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office of Vicki White fixes
Assistant Director of the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office of Corrections Vicki White helped Casey escape.
Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office

Casey and Vicki are suspected of be armed and dangerous, according to investigators. ex girlfriend of escaped prisoner who once testified that he tried kill she told a local publication that she was afraid he would try to find her.

“They have [local police] promised step up patrols, but we are fucked out. we are not know if he’s going show up and take us out like he tried to do it before,” an unidentified woman told WAAY 13 out-of- State shelter.

Despite dire warnings from officials and the fear of previous victims, Connie stood by her. son when asked if he was dangerous.

“I do not think so. He is not a monster, I will say so wayshe said before abruptly ending call.

“He’s not the one monster they make it out to be at all.”

Up to $15,000 in reward money it was suggested for information leading to the suspect capture.


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