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Elon Musk pushes crazy idea: Tesla wants to secure Giga Beer and Giga Beer

Elon Musk presenting the Giga beer idea. (Photo: Nitzao / Reddit)

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After tequila there is really beer. Tesla wants to protect the trademark rights to Giga Beer and Giga Beer. But at least in Germany there is a threat of hardship.

Tesla boss Elon Musk had already made a crazy idea come true: In 2020, two years after an April Fool’s joke by Musk, Tesla was selling tequila in a special bottle in the USA. The limited edition was priced at $ 250. In Germany only the bottle is available. It can therefore be assumed that Musk and Tesla will also implement the surprising announcement that they want to launch a Giga Beer or Giga Beer. A first step has already been taken.

Tesla wants protection for Giga Beer and Giga Beer

Because shortly after Musk teased plans at the opening ceremony of the Gigafactory in Grünheide, Brandenburg, Tesla applied for the protection of the Giga Beer and Giga Beer brands. Actually, the Tesla CEO had spoken at Gigafest on October 9th about decorating the factory halls with graffiti and having their own train station. When Musk then said: “And we will have beer”, two flask-like bottles with the imprint Gigabier were visible on the screen behind him.

The USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) received an application for trademark protection for the terms Giga Beer and Giga Beer on October 11th. The trademark would be internationally protected for beers and non-alcoholic beverages if granted by the USPTO. Globally, names are not registered for individual products, but for so-called classes, as Golem explains. In the case of Tesla Beer and Tesla Beer, it is class 32.

The German patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) registrations for the word mark Giga Bier received, submitted by Tesla and also on October 11th. A day earlier, however, a company in Germany called Kabo KG, which is based in Berlin, had submitted applications to the DPMA for the word marks Giga Bier and Giga Beer. This application is directed to grades 32 and 33. The latter concerns alcoholic beverages, with the exception of beers.

Brand Giga beer in the sights of regional company

Incidentally, Kabo KG wants to secure European protection for the Giga beer brand – and even for class 40, the brewing of beer. Also on October 10th, another person from Grünheide started an attempt to secure the Giga beer brand. In addition to brewing beer, this is also about class 43, which includes running a bar, catering or catering for guests in restaurants.

Is there now a threat of a dispute over the beer brand? Kabo KG, like Tesla, has little to do with beer and brewing beer. The company is a real estate company whose activities, according to an extract from the company register, include the “acquisition and management of real estate in self-interest”. Nevertheless, the company and the above-mentioned private person were each one day earlier with the registration than Tesla. So it could be exciting. We will keep you up to date.

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