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Elon Jace Ellis-Joynes: The Father Whose dog killed his 12 day old baby after application up up to 40 stab wounds of imprisoned

BUT father was jailed after his own newborn son was killed by his out-of-control dog.

Elon Jace Ellis-Joynes was just 12 days when he was torn to pieces death Alsatian chow-chow mix on his home in Doncaster in September 2020.

He received 30 to 40 stab wounds and later died. in hospital, while a dog named Teddy was put down.

His father Stephen Joynes, 36, admitted to the charge of be the owner of dangerously out-of-control dog calling injury result in death.

baby’s mother Abigail Ellis, 28, denied the same accusation and was due to stand trial, but prosecutors asked for acquit in her case after Joynes took full duty.

He was sentenced to four years in prison at Sheffield Crown Court on Thursday.

Abigail Ellis, 28, denies being the owner of dangerously out-of-control dog this caused in death of her newborn son as well as prosecutors later dropped the charge


Richard Tyne QC Attorney Says Joines Moved in with mother-of- three Miss Ellis, who turned out to be “vulnerable” death of her previous partner from illness, and brought dog with to him.

He told the court: “This dog originally purchased in January 2019 by a former partner of the defendant as gift for them daughter.

“However, it became obvious that they could not cope with in dog and therefore the defendant accepted ownership as result.”

Mister Mystery described how in months leading up to attack the neighbor increased his fence to six feet tall to stop dog from entering it property.

Other neighbors said they saw Joines “kicking and screaming” in the street. dog on cases.

Court also I heard how on April 9, five months before fatal incident, Ms. Ellis took her sonHenley, her local GP after he had injury to his right thigh.

Although initially claimed to have been bitten by a stray dog, later questioning after Elon death uncovered injury It was caused Teddy.

Mister Tyne said when family returned home on noon of Elon death newborn pushed into living room in his stroller.

Dozens of the flowers were left outside in family home in Doncaster after 12-day-old Elon Ellis-Joynes was killed in but dog attack


He told the court that Miss Ellis had gone upstairs to use to the toilet “urgent” while Joines was playing in garden with in children.

Mister Tyne said one of Ms. Ellis’s sons noticed dog went missing and went to house research.

The court heard the boy found Teddy stands and growls over baby Elon, who lay on in floor.

BUT post-opening found Elon died as result of severe trauma to the chest and abdomen with typical injuries of been bitten multiple times dog”.

The court heard Ms Ellis made “problematic” 999 call and the doctors arrived at the place of the house, finding Elon “pale in color with at least 30-40 stab wounds and two lacerations on the torso and abdomen.

Mr. Tyne told the court: “The defendant and Ms. Ellis in interview said he was left safely in his wheelchair, but the case of the prosecution is that he must in fact were placed on sofa.”

He said the pathologist “expected to see head and neck injuries baby was in his wheelchair, and scientific evidence showed that there was a bloodstain on in floor and a sofa, but not in stroller.

BUT dog pen can be seen in rear garden of in house (center) the site where 12-day-old Elon Jace Ellis-Joins was mauled death

(Tom Maddick/SWNS)

The court heard dog The opinion of the behavioral expert was that dog caused Elon’s injury “when investigating what happened to the dog was a strange object.”

As a mitigation, Edward Moss said the incident was a tragedy by “the very definition”. of word” and that Joynes was diagnosed with post- traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after his son death and received advice.

He said, “What punishment can anyone give this man, what’s more than the punishment he has already has been given and will be for rest of his life?”

He added that Joynes and Miss Ellis were still together but lost custody of them children how result of Incident.

The court heard dog was delivered down after the incident.

Judge Jeremy Richardson QC said Elon death was “a tragedy waiting in the wings” and that Joines “should never kept it dog”.

He said to the defendant: “Did you know dog was uncontrollable and had vicious characteristics.

“You made no attempt to socialize dog with children. All you did was kick and hit in the dog and put it outside.

“You took not effective steps protect any of the children at least of your entire 12 day old baby son”.

Additional agency reporting

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