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Elijah McClain has died of ketamine injection from doctors in 2019, report says

Elijah McClain, 23-year-There is a black man whose death in 2019 after meeting with the police helped make the calls for law enforcement accountability died because paramedics stabbed him with dose of ketamine that was too high for someone his size, according to an amended autopsy report released Friday.

Conclusion – a sharp departure from original autopsy report published a few months after fatal confrontation in Aurora, Colorado, which said there was not enough evidence to determine how McClane is dead. new conclusions are based on evidence, including the police body-camera footage and other records that the pathologist for the county said he asked in 2019 but did not receive.

Although he still enumerates the way of death how “indeterminate” – as opposed to murder or accident – the report can support the prosecution of police and first the defendants were charged in McClane death and repeat calls for more accountability from city.

The police had no legal reason to place Elijah McClain in asphyxiation, probe of death finds

McClain, a masseur and self-taught musician, walked. home in August 2019, when he was detained by the police in response to an emergency call. call that someone was behaving “shortly”. The officers grabbed him and put him in in strangulation of the carotid artery, which restricts blood flow to the brain. The paramedics injected him with ketamine, and powerful sedative. He got into the heart arrest on in way hospitalized and died a few days later.

In a revised autopsy report, forensic pathologist Steven Cena stated that the ketamine injection was excessive. for mcclain, who stood about 5-foot-7 and weighed 140 pounds.

BUT review of body-camera According to Cena, footage police did not provide during the initial autopsy showed McClain was “extremely sedated” within minutes. He said he thought McClain struggling breathe while he lies on stretcher and that respirator arrest was “inevitable”.

Simply put, this dose of too much ketamine for this man and it led in overdose even though his blood levels of ketamine were constant with “therapeutic” concentration in the blood,” wrote Sina. “I believe that Mr. McClain would most likely be alive, but for administration of ketamine.”

Did not have clear did holding the carotid artery contribute to his death, Cena said, noting that this would not be in the medical literature. He said he didn’t see anything on McClane’s neck showing that he has died of choking and that McClain could talk after the officers let him up.

Shooting Supported for officers who made fun of Elijah McClain’s chokehold death

China also noted that McClain was “alive and responsive to painful stimuli”. up to the point where he received a shot of ketamine.

“I believe that he probably would have recovered if he had not been given this injection,” he said.

Ketamine toxicity-related deaths are usually classified as accidents, according to the report, but Cena said this remain “uncertain” because other factors may have played a decisive role. role.

He added: “I acknowledge that other sensible pathologists who trained in in other places it may be developed their own philosophy regarding death in detention and that they may consider a way of death in this type of the case can be either a murder or an accident.”

In a statement emailed to The Washington Post, an Aurora police spokesman said the department was “cooperating fully with with investigation.” Representative for Aurora emergency services did not immediately respond to the search message comment Saturday morning.

Prosecutors initially declined charge anyone in McClain’s death, referring to the absence of proof in in original opening.

Certain officials, medical experts and criminal justice critics prosecutors for not looking second medical opinion for avoid “indeterminate” way of death.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis (D) appointed special the prosecutor reopened the case and grand jury assembled to consider criminal accusations.

Grand jury indicts police and paramedics in 2019 death of Elijah McClain

During the trial, the investigation of McClane death came under increased scrutiny when Colorado Public Radio reported that the county coroner met with police prior to the autopsy and that police investigators were present during the examination.

In September 2021, the allegations were announced against three Aurora police officers and two paramedics. Defendants are expected to make statements in November.

The evidence that emerged during grand the jury trial prompted the coroner to change original autopsy report, but changes remained secret for more how year.

changed version was released on Friday made public court-ordered after Colorado Public Radio and several others media outlets sued to get access to that.

The McClane case did not generate much interest. outside Colorado until May 2020 murder of George Floyd, played by then Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin. McClane death became a battle cry in months of protests followed. Friends and family remembered him as a gentle man who would use his lunch break to play violin for animals at a local shelter.

Aurora last year agreed to pay $15 million to settle McClain’s lawsuit family. city also banned the use of the choke hold in his arrest and is considering a ban on ketamine.

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