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Elections will be held after the end of the term of office of the government. says Marrium Aurangzeb – Pakistan

Federal Minister of Information Marryum Aurangzeb on Friday said that general elections will take place after government ends her tenure as she angered former prime minister Imran Khan and his reign.

Turning to news conference in Islamabad, she said, “And when elections are held this time, mistake of RTS (results transfer system) failure will not happen againImran Khan sahib.

“This time the mist won’t appear like It was in Dasha. This time there will be no ballot boxes. stolen like they were in Dasha. This time the officers of election Committee of Pakistan will not fall like they did in Dasha.

minister claimed that people “learned from his mistake”and will not vote for Imran Khan again adding that they realized he was “a liar and a hypocrite”.

Aurangzeb’s statements come the day after former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan held a rally in Minar-e-Pakistan attended by thousands of supporters. In it he once again demanded immediate elections, calling “whoever made in mistake” of force it out to fix it and call elections.

Since Khan was removed as prime minister in a no-confidence vote he constantly called for elections must be held, calling into question the legitimacy of in new Shehbaz Sharif government and dismissing it as “imported”.

In his speech yesterday, Khan also urged the whole country to be ready for a nationwide movement to achieve ‘realindependence and democracy’. “I’m not giving call just in PTI, but all of Pakistan: You all need to get ready in streets, cities and villages. You will have to wait for my call when I call all of you to Islamabad,” he said.

At today’s press briefing by Aurangzeb information minister said the nation will decide for himself, no matter what the ex-premier says, accusing him of trying to “slander” the institutions.

“This campaign what are you running against institutions … We have taken note of this,” she said. – sometimes you call strained relationship with creation reason for your government drop. sometimes you say of CONSPIRACY.

“Let me tell you today reason for your exile is you and your deeds,” said Aurangzeb, demanding an apology from the Khan.

Meanwhile, referring to Khan’s mistake remark, she said that former prime minister, himself made “biggest” mistakes. “He is a human who seized medicines from public. he’s a man who created a sugar deficiency. he’s a man who led Modi’s campaigns. he’s a man who laundered money via foreign funding.

“You talk about mistakes… You attacked the Constitution, you attacked the parliament, you tried attack in no-confidence vote. You ransacked Bait-ul-Mal by selling gifts what did you get like prime minister”Federal minister said.

She is added that all these errors will be corrected now. The nation has learned and will vote for those who brought it growth and prosperity.”

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