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ELECTION NIGHT! Keep it set right here for Findings as they come along with coverage of campaign scenes and burdens | Outpost on the Lost Coast

UPDATE, 22:03:

Pair of fixes in in results tables below – especially for judge and city council of Arcata. Apologies for fat fingers. They have been corrected.

— Hank Sims


UPDATE, 21:30: Dillingham on both sides

I think you would call this is a fairly diverse political team in the Dillingham party as documented Outpost Andrew Goff.

Bottom: First County Warden Rex Bohn, Sheriff Billy Khonsal and nominee.

Bottom: Past rulers of Liberal Arcata. of before and now it looks like like! — Sam Pennisi, Alex Stillman and Dan Houser.

— Hank Sims


UPDATE, 21:19:

Reader Isabella Wotherspoon submits a photo of McLaughlin for Referee team at Humbrews.

— Hank Sims


UPDATE, 21:06:

Eads and Acting District Attorney Maggie Fleming.

Supporters of This evening, Stacey Eads gathered at Phatsy Kline’s Parlor Lounge in anticipation of the primary. results. Surrounded by family and friends (especially her best friend who traveled up from San Diego for in party) Eads proudly said that she had a “very positive campaign”.

“So much great people from all walks of life has offered its support and i learned a lot more about good things people do for in community in general,” she said. “I will be happy with however, Humboldt decides to leave. I feel like We have done good Work with receiving our campaign out there and let the people know what am I qualified candidate”.

— Isabella Vanderhyden


UPDATE, 20:55:

Natalie Arroyo Celebrates Election Night with karaoke party in the north of Fourth. As she prepared to perform of “Hey Good Lookin'” by Hank Williams, she told Outpost she’s thrilled to be surrounded by supporters.

“I feel very positive!” she said. “It was amazing experience go door to door and personally connect with nearly 2,000 voters on their homes. …I’m looking for forward be thoughtful decision manufacturer for county and participation in open and transparent public process.”

Together with cocktails are served up north of Fourth, Arroyo supporters enjoyed a fruit plate and food from Cassaro’s.

— Isabella Vanderhyden


UPDATE, 20:49:

Mike Newman enjoys Chapala’s proposals with friends and family this evening. He told the outpost that he felt good about the election, and from here he will have to “see where the chips fall.”

“I just want thank you all of my supporters,” he said. “I want do sure people understand that I’m not colored in corner how conservative. I am moderate and I don’t up my mind before things are presented to me. …I’m looking for forward serve community as a warden.”

— Isabella Vanderhyden


UPDATE 20:45: screams of Joy at a party in Dillingham

Mass, mass jubilation at Sheryl Dillingham party at the Septentrio winery in Arcata:

Obviously these first results region big, big win for Dillingham team and very very bad news for Acting Comptroller Karen Paz Dominguez.

“I think we can keep it above 50%,” Dillingham told reporters. Outpost Andrew Goff.

Another people out to a very powerful leadDA nominee Stacey Eads, incumbent Fifth District Superintendent Steve Madrone, and Arcata City Council nominee Alex Stillman.

Fourth constituency candidate Natalie Arroyo may feel beautiful good about her barely 50 percent lead, as did Supreme Court justice nominee Stephen Steward.

— Hank Sims



Here first elections results of night – 12 197 total ballotsall of they were processed by the Electoral Commission prior to the closing of polling stations. Voting by mail (or drop box) ballots, in other words ballots received until today.

NEW PERSON62932.31%
Hunt Nielsen491444.83%

— Hank Sims


UPDATE, 20:17:

Outpost Ryan Burns on busy, busy, busy Electoral Commission, where the secretary-registrar/registrar of Voters Kelly Sanders rules her second-to-last elections. have a stack of pizza in boxes, lettuce, fruit, and something from Safeway called “chocolate chip pudding ring.” Clearly settling in for long night.

Scanning machines, first used in March 2020, has signature recognition software. Captures voter signatures and interfaces with election management system compare with signature on voter registration. However, the person still checks every signature and ballot.

“I really like automation of it,” Sanders said. “It makes everything go a lot faster.”

The first results coming soonSanders said.

Hardworking Electoral Commission call-centre people are still taking calls!

— Hank Sims


UPDATE 7:58 PM: Team Doss in Bigfoot

Fifth District Supervisory nominee Larry Doss and his supporters spend the night before the election squatting in the huge Bigfoot Taproom in McKinleyville. Doss predicted early night for he and his team place closes at 9pm – but said he feels good about campaign he run. When asked what he thinks of his chances of win race he smiled and said, “I didn’t do all this to lose.”

— Andrew Goff


Arcata resident Marian Reeves casts her ballot at the polling station. drop box at Sunny Bray Murphy Market. Photo: Andrew Goff.


So the polls just o ready to close (at 8pm) and that’s about it over other than counting! And parties! And painful! Your 2022 California State Primary is nearly over!

Who will be ours next District Attorney? Or Auditor-Controller? Or guards from the Fourth and Fifth Wards? Or etc.? Will we find out before (may be) or later (probably)?

The Electoral Commission received about 16,000 ballots before start of business this morning. great majority of them should be counted in time for in first Election Night report due around 8:30 pm.

Four years ago, in primary elections in June 2018, when all these same races were on newsletter, and grand total of 32,128 Humboldt County voters filed ballots — dull 42.27 percent turn out. This will happen more at that time? Less? Who knows! Of course not us, and even the Electoral Commission won’t know absolutely accurate numbers for at least a few days, given that you have to iterate over conditional and preliminary ballots leaked today.

If this turnout rate holding on, we can wait somewhere in area of 37 500 total votes this cycle. (Registration numbers have gone up over in last four years.) But one thing that dead sure there will be thousands and thousands of votes still unaccounted for tomorrow morning – not only those temporary and conditional ballots, but vote-by mail ballots who came to the election commission today late or are still going way home through the US Postal Service.

Will we really know anything when votes does it mean close? We will if and only if results we’re getting tonight considerably one-sided. in the past we could rely on different political composition of three waves of voting – early absentee voting, precinct voting, late absentee voting – inform us a great case of way elections were in trend, but this is no longer clear how it is applicable in Age of universal vote-by mail. (See this post right before world exploded, for explanation of it’s supposed to be now dead phenomenon.)

But we’re still going to go through the motions here in outpost, and we’ll try to stay up before final election night report arrives in — round around midnight if past history holds. We will publish on these updates as they become available and we will also swing past campaign parties around. It’s a thing again!

We live serve! Witness this extremely enlightening conversation we had with Facebook Friend O’ LoCO this afternoon, regarding the headline of start of election day post this morning:

FACEBOOK READER: what up with “Democracy” comment? Aren’t you supposed to be neutral like news site where people get their data???

LoCO: Not sure what do you mean…

FACEBOOKER: Celebrate democracy???? Really???

LoCO: Ouch! Why don’t you glorify democracy, especially on election Day? this is the day of civic pride. It’s like saying “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Fourth Year”. of July”, way we see it.

FACEBOOKER: What about just happy election day. I understand that the lost shore super liberal and negative, so stay neutral.

LoCO: It never occurred to me that “democracy” could be controversial. help me out: When we wrote “Celebrate Democracy!” what did you understand?

FACEBOOKER: Well, I sure hell no democrat

LoCO: Oh no. But you don’t have to be a democrat to celebrate democracy. Right?

FACEBOOKER: Did you mean to celebrate election day?

LoCO: Well, election day is the day we take on the most basic and important task of citizens in democracy. Not?


LoCO: OK it’s all over Now. So on On Election Day, we remind ourselves that we are citizens. in democracy – what do we choose people who will run our government as well who therefore they are responsible to us – and this thing worth celebration.

FACEBOOKER: I am a republican

LoCO: What shape of government we have in United States?

FACEBOOKER: Democrats and Republicans

LoCO: No. These are political parties.

FACEBOOKER: Yes, but you said celebrate democracy

LoCO: That’s right – not a dictatorship, not a monarchy. Democracy. Democracy is the process by which we elect our leaders. Republican leaders, sometimes!

FACEBOOKER: Happy Election Day!!!

LoCO: You too!

GOOD! A lot of more of what will come up tonight and presumably throughout the rest of all of our natural life. Election night begins…. currently!

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