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Election Lauren Bobert results – live: Republican says ‘of Of course she will win because the elections in Colorado could lead to a recount

Frisch challenges bobert in dense colorado race

Lauren Bobert said she is confident she will hold on to her seat in the House of Representatives when she expands her space. lead against Democratic challenger Adam Frisch – but an unexpected upset race still too close to call.

When asked by reporters if she expects win in race on On Thursday, the Republican incumbent responded: “Of course, I expect win. This will great”.

Miss Bobert now leading on 1122 votes in what shaped up be surprisingly close race for seat in the US House of Representatives in Colorado’s 3rd congressional district.

After trailing for a lot of of in the race, Donald Trump’s ally clung to her way back to lead on Thursday now leading with 50.2% of votes up to 49.8% Mr. Frisch, with 99 percent of votes reported.

race could lead for automatic recalculation in case of victory party unable win with a margin of more than 0.5 percent.

tight race came like something of a surprise to both Republicans and Democrats, as well as pollsters after the controversial, gunwas expected to enjoy comfortable reelection.


Colorado leads for recalculation?

In Colorado automatic recalculation triggered if the candidate wins by a margin of 0.5 percent or less of in leading candidate total votes.

This means that to avoid recalculation, then either Lauren Bobert or Adam Frisch need to lead around 788 votes.

If a recount is triggered, it must be completed within 35 days of election Day.

Rachel Sharp11 November 2022 11:00


Bobert is sure that she win: ‘Of course’

Lauren Bobert insisted that she was confident that she would keep her seat in the House of Representatives despite the unexpected closing. race staying too close to call.

“Of course, I expect win. This will great”, the incumbent Republican told reporters. on Thursday evening in Washington.

When asked if she would support House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in his bet for speaker, if the Republican Party takes the House of Representatives, she hit out saying she’s focused on herself.

“That’s what you’re all focused on on? You know that I am you know what am i 794 votes up in my race right now?” she fired.

“It’s kind of my attention right now,” she said.

Rachel Sharp11 November 2022 10:40


Bobert is now leading by 1122 people. votes

Lauren Bobert now leading on 1122 votes in what shaped up be surprisingly close race for seat in the US House of Representatives in Colorado.

Ms. Bobert currently leads with 50.2% of votes against 49.8% of Democratic challenger Adam Frisch, with 99 percent of votes now reported in area.

race still too close call.

After trailing for a lot of of in the race, Donald Trump’s ally clung to her way back to lead on Thursday, slow past democrat to lead of 386 votes that morning. She expanded lead up to 794 votes that day before more votes were reported later in day.

Rachel SharpNovember 11, 2022 10:20


We read Lauren Bobert’s book so you don’t have to

Imagine what you have just Bought Republican Representative Lauren Bobert new autobiographical book, “My American Life”.

You rush to her restaurantShooter’s Bar and Grill, before begin leafing through its pages. Waitress – gun in a holster on her hip – throws the menu on Table. You are looking over this one is yours eyes stopping at pig sliders. Fake news says they caused diarrhea in concert goers back in 2017. But you didn’t come all the way to Rifle, Colorado, for lies. You want in truth – and he sits right there in your hands. you dive in.

Rachel Sharp11 November 2022 10:00


ICYMI: Boebert’s Shooters Grill restaurant closes after the landlord refuses to renew the lease

Grill Shooters Lauren Bobert in Colorado closed down after restaurant Russia’s landlords refused to extend the deputy’s lease.

Diner Republican Deputy in city of The rifle was famous for armed waitresses with pistols and shut its doors for in final time on Sunday, she confirmed.

“We were like a family. I would say Strelkov for Any employee was their life,” she said. Independent Post about restaurant who discovered in May, 2013.

Oliver O’ConnellNovember 11, 2022 09:30


bobert slammed for 15 anti-veteran votes

“I voted for four pro-veteran bills that were signed into law and led to several amendments to secure funding for mental health and other essential services for our veterans,” wrote Ms. Bobert in tweet during campaign what also convinced her followers click and find out more about ” work i do support Heroes of America.

Her opponent Mr Frisch fact-checked it out via his own long tweet thread.

Oliver O’ConnellNovember 11, 2022 08:30


Previously: Bobert mocked for awkward 17-hour silence after “red wave started” tweet

online critics of Republican Lauren Bobert seemed to revel in nail biter close race congresswoman stayed locked up in hours after polls close in Colorado, with many point to her own social media silence like sign that potential loss may be imminent.

Oliver O’ConnellNovember 11, 2022 06:30


ICYMI: Did Lauren Bobert shoot? dog?

Neighbor supported up Rep. Lauren Bobert denies congresswoman fatally shot pet dog in her hometown of Sylt, Colorado.

strange story – latest in Ms. Bobert’s Scandalous Rollercoaster Career – Exploded on social media after Yariza Mendoza, who called herself a MAGA Republican “next doormate”, detailed the alleged incident in Facebook post.

Sheila Flynn looks in story.

Oliver O’ConnellNovember 11, 2022 04:30


Why Lauren Bobert in trouble in Colorado?

Colorado congresswoman Lauren Bobert is MAGA’s favorite, but her Democratic nominee earns support from unlikely sources as he climbs the polls and rakes in donations. He says her “outrage” turned off voters and many tell Sheila Flynn they agree.

Oliver O’Connell11 November 2022 03:00


ICYMI: Boebert made fun when her anti-Biden ‘two-word’ tweet backfired

“Two words: go, Brandon!” Miss Bobert tweeted. on Saturday, using a euphemism used by conservatives meaning “to hell with Joe Biden.”

Gustav Kilander has story.

Oliver O’ConnellNovember 11, 2022 01:30

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