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Eknath Shinde Scholarships special Powers of bureaucrats, angering opposition in Maharashtra | India news

Mumbai: The President minister Eknath Shinde He is on the receiving end for granting Quasi-judicial powers of bureaucrats. leader of Opposition Ajit Pawar, Congress Legislature party leader no revolutions And a Congressional spokesperson Atoll Lund He strongly criticized CM, saying to him decision He is anti-democratic.
“we facing This situation as Akinath Chandah failed to expand his government more After more than a month of taking the oath-in Such as CM. While that of Bureaucrats, feel all the authorities should To be entrusted to the chief secretary. we in Democratic setup. Legislators have neither powers nor cabinet members. Under these circumstances, bureaucrats have become more powerful From elected actors” of Opposition Ajit Pawar said.
The general Management department led by chief secretary It was Mankumar Srivastava on Friday issued a brief order to introduce for granting of Quasi-judicial powers of bureaucrats. It was reported that the authorities had been delegated to bureaucrats so that he could common The man does not suffer. Routine calls against Orders given by provincial officials cannot be disposed of by bureaucrats.
Legislature of Congress party The leader without revolutionaries said: “He should expand the government immediately so that there is no need To delegate powers to bureaucrats. We wouldn’t be surprised if Shinde changes The name of Mantralaya to Sachivalaya – Amanat. ”
Congress spokesman Atul Lundy said the country is progressive like Maharashtra should not be run by the trustees. “It is the state’s misfortune that even 36 days after Shinde was sworn in-in as such CMHe wasn’t able to set up Council of Ministers “.
In a statement issued by the chief executive, the lack of powers of Cabinet members have been handed over to bureaucrats and will only deal with quasi-judicial matters.


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