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eight-year- old girl in critical condition after stabbing leads to execution in north Phoenix

Police investigate stabbing that escalated into shooting during road accident in north Phoenixthree left people injured, including young girl.

According to the Phoenix Policethe shooting occurred at 16th Street and Greenway Parkway. on 27th October.

Sergeant Brian Bauer says The incident began when two men from individual vehicles got into a quarrel out of their cars and started fighting in intersection.

“One of adult males believed that something was happening on farther away, so he grabbed a knife and stabbed another grown man,” said Sergeant Bauer.

That man with the knife ran towards him black sedan, according to police, with woman and 8-year- old girl also inside.

“While he was leaving the scene, an adult man who received multiple stab wounds times brandishing a gun and shooting at him vehicle How does he run away areaSergeant Bowers said.

BUT clear bullet hole visible in in back of sedan. Sergeant Bauer says in young girl identified as 8-year-old, was in back seat when she was shot.

eight-year- the old woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition. That man who was stabbed also in critical condition. second The man has minor injuries.

Police say there are no suspects. The identity has not been revealed. Sergeant Bauer says road rage controversy should be 911 calls before you get out of in vehicle.

“Everyone will be disappointed. Our suggestion if you in situation of Road rage: just stop, park, call 911, let the officers answer and let the officers sort it out with different parties and find a solution between your differences,” said Sergeant Bowers.

Scene of shooting investigation near 16th Street and Greenway.

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