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Eight government office buildings were renovated in Nógrád county

The renovation of eight buildings of the Nógrád County Government Office for energy purposes was completed with a total of HUF 1.3 billion between 2016 and 2021. With the support of the government.

At the closing event, Katalin Uzsák, Deputy State Secretary for Territorial Administration of the Prime Minister’s Office, said: Since 2012, nearly 500 properties worth HUF 46 billion have been modernized in the country from the Environment and Energy Operational Program (EEOP) and the Environment and Energy Efficiency Operational Program (KEHOP). Another 62 properties were renovated with the money, thanks to all these investments, the savings are in the order of billions per year, he added.

Katalin Uzsák stated: million forints. He said that in the wake of modernization, “conditions will finally be in line with the outstanding quality of services provided in government office buildings.” He explained that the development will significantly reduce operating costs. State-of-the-art insulation, LED lighting, heat pump central air conditioning, and solar systems and green solutions specifically reduce the use of fossil fuels and emissions.

The Deputy Secretary of State recalled at the ceremony. : The transformation of the administration began ten years ago and administration has now become a service, red tape has been reduced, procedures are simpler and faster, and online administration is possible.

It also referred to the administrative simplification is accompanied by a number of improvements, in addition to IT improvements, the network of the government window is expanded and new government buses are handed over, helping people living in smaller settlements to access services as quickly as possible.

more efficient and professional administration, using technical achievements such as video technology, burning intelligence, or automatic decision-making.

Sándor Szabó, government commissioner and head of the Nógrád County Government Office, said that the modernizations were carried out on a total of 15,000 square meters at the Pásztó, Salgótarján and Szécsény sites.

The contractors moved to the first site exactly five years ago, on September 23, 2016, he reminded him, adding that customer reception was continuous everywhere even during the works.
He also said that in 2018 the Balassagyarmat District Office was established from HUF 700 million, and in the spring of this year the complete renovation of the former Köjál building began, the Salgótarján District Office will move here, which will be an investment of HUF 668 million.

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