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Egypt’s Vital Crops at Risk of Devastation.

A large number of mango farmers and farm owners in the Egyptian province of Ismailia, which is one of the most important provinces in Egypt and the largest growing region for this crop, have complained about the loss of their crop.

The farmers explained that “the strong winds of the past two days have knocked down the crop while it is in the early stages of growth.”

Dr. Muhammad Ali Fahim, adviser to the Minister of Agriculture and head of the Climate Change Information Center at the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture, said: “The strong winds that have caused the mango crop to fall in Ismailia over the past two days are a natural phenomenon. .”

An adviser to the Minister of Agriculture confirmed in an exclusive statement to Cairo 24 that some farms were affected by wind-driven crop failures, and not all of them, explaining that Ismailia’s crop is still in the early stages of growth and has not entered the physiological stage. growth, so maybe it would be better if it was pickled, and it can never be camouflaged, because compiling it at this stage will degrade its quality.

The adviser to the Minister of Agriculture explained that the wind-blown mango crop in Luxor and Aswan has reached maturity and can be composted, as farmers do at these stages of harvest. .
Fahim reassured citizens about prices for this season’s mango crop, stressing that prices will not increase significantly because it is a minor crop, unlike other crops such as tomatoes and others.

And the adviser to the Minister of Agriculture continued: In 2021, there was a shortage of mango crops, but its prices in the market did not exceed the 15-pound barrier, because the purchasing power of the product is low.

Fahim denied recent rumors about the ethereal pesticide, stressing that it is an internationally recognized US pesticide and does not pose any risk to human health, and that it is used to spray the grape crop during certain harvest periods. life.

Fahim said rumors always follow the crops, as they used to with the melon and peach crops.

Source: Cairo 24

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