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Egypt thwarts a plot to revive the Brotherhood and fund its terrorism

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior announced the abort of a scheme aimed at reviving the activity of the Muslim Brotherhood and working to find sources of funding for its terrorist activities. The organization, by working on finding sources of funding for its terrorist activities. In that scheme, as one of the main arms of the imprisoned Brotherhood leader Safwan Thabet.

The ministry indicated that the imprisoned Brotherhood leader Safwan Thabet assigned Mahran to use his companies in transferring and concealing the organization’s funds and investing its returns for the benefit of its terrorist activities in an attempt to circumvent and circumventing the legal reservation procedures taken against the economic entities owned by the group.

The Brotherhood’s logo

The evidence also revealed the exploitation Brother Yahya Mahran, one of the apartments located in the Al-Ahram Gardens area in Giza, to hide the organization’s funds. After legalizing the procedures, his apartment was raided, and a secret room used as a treasury to hide money was found inside, with an amount of 8 million and four hundred thousand dollars, and some other currencies, as well as papers belonging to the economic entities owned by the organization.

(Recruitment and money laundering for the benefit of the group)

Last December, the Egyptian authorities arrested two of the most famous businessmen in Egypt, after it was revealed that they were involved in recruitment and money laundering operations for the benefit of the group. They are Safwan Thabet, chairman of the board of directors of one of the major dairy companies, and Mr. Al-Swerki, also the owner of a famous clothing store chain, as well as Khaled Al-Azhari, the former Minister of Manpower in the Muslim Brotherhood government.

Egypt thwarts a plot to revive the Brotherhood and fund its terrorism
Safwan Thabet

The investigation authorities decided to imprison Safwan Thabet and Mr. Al-Swerki on charges of joining and financing a terrorist group.

The involvement of businessmen

As confirmed by information obtained by Al-Arabiya.net at the time, Safwan Thabet actually belongs to the Brotherhood, and he is one of its organizational leaders, and is responsible for the recruitment of the group’s funds. In return for a percentage close to 30%, the group obtains it as fixed annual profits while retaining the capital.

The group uses these funds to spend on its activities after the government, represented by the Brotherhood’s Funds Management Committee, seized most of the companies’ companies The group and its projects, while Mr. Al-Swerki’s shops are entirely owned by the Brotherhood.

سيد السويركي
Mr. Al-Swerki شعار جماعة الإخوان

while Al-Swerki assumes the role of the front that runs it away from the eyes of the government, provided that all its profits go to the organization in exchange for a small percentage that Al-Swerki receives in return for his management. Those released from prisons during the 1990s, and they work in those shops on instructions from Brotherhood leaders to ensure their loyalty to the organization.

A group has committed suicide in Egypt for 90 years

That the Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, had stressed a few days ago, that the Brotherhood has been eating away at the body, mind and consciousness of man in Egypt for 90 years.

سيد السويركي سيد السويركي

He added in his speech on the sidelines of the discussion session “Human Rights. The present and the future”, last Saturday, as part of the launching activities of the National Human Rights Strategy, that the groups that gnaw at the state exist and do not stop and have formed a culture of suspicion and mistrust.

While the Egyptian presidency stressed at the time that the new strategy aims to To further promote and respect all civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights and to consolidate what the state is doing in the fields of supporting the rights of women, children, youth, the elderly, people of determination and all segments of society.

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