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ECP reject links against dissident PTI MNA

ESP board outside Commissions office. – Radio Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Electoral Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Wednesday rejected PTI recommendations for disqualification of its dissident members of National Assembly.

Trinomial bench led by Chief Electoral Commissioner (CEC) Sikandar Sultan Raja decision earlier, having listened to arguments from all sides – PTI and lawyers of dissident MNA.

Former-prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan sent a statement former National Assembly speaker Assad Qaiser seeks disqualification of 20 party participants after they decide vote against his in in no-confidence motion.

But votes of dissident MNAs were not needed to oust Khan from power since the then opposition had enough votes send government package in tiny hours of April 10th. However, acting against dissidents on 14th of April.

In today’s brief verdict, the Electoral Commission unanimously declared that the filed declaration against MNA under Article 63(A) was not found in conformity with Constitution of Pakistan.

PTI submitted links against MNA Nur Alam Khan, Dr. Mohammad Afzal Khan Dhandla, Nawab Sher Wasir, Raja Riaz Ahmad, Ahmed Hussain Deharr, Rana Mohammad Qasim Noon, Asim Nazir, Amjad Farooq Khosa, Aamir Liaqat Hussain, Chaudhry Farrukh Altaf, Syed Mobin Ahmed, Syed Sami-ul-Hasan Gillani, Mohammad Abdul Ghaffar Wattu, Syed Basit Ahmad Sultan, Aamir Talal Gopang, Sardar Riaz Mehmood Khan Mazari, Ramesh Kumar Wankwani, Wajiha Qamar, Nujat Patan and Jaweria Zafar.

During a hearing earlier today, the ECP denied a request to take any more records from PTI.

Faisal Chaudhry, a PTI lawyer, asked the court for a copy of reserved verdict, saying he will appeal against This is.

He claimed that dissidents opposed PTI’s request for more records.

“Some things could not be delivered on record right,” Faisal said.

He said he didn’t think he more necessary and that his case had become prejudiced.

In presenting his case, Noor Alam Khan’s lawyer Gohar Khan argued that Article 63(A)1 did not apply to Noor.

” show-cause notification issued by PTI secretary-general has no legal status. Therefore, Nur is still a member of PTI,” Gohar said.

He told ECP that Noor stated in response to PTI show-cause notice that he has no left PTI nor its parliamentary party.

He said that party replied to reply with directives are not vote on in no-confidence motion against after prime minister Imran Khan.

“This proves that party recognized Nur as a member,” Gohar said.

He went on say that Nur was present at the meeting on April 3 according to party directives ensure attendance. After that party not issue any other directive forbidding Noor from attending meetings.

Gohar claimed that his client did not join any other political party but media gave the impression that Nur had violated party policy.

When asked if Noor played vote on day of vote on in no-confidence movement, Gohar replied in negative.

Meanwhile, EKP bench Member Nasir Durrani asked. how concluded that only five people bench of The commission may announce the verdict.

To this, Gohar replied that the Supreme Court stated that only full court of ESP may announce the verdict in disqualification case.

With this, Gohar completed her reasoning.

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