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ECP disqualification does not prevent Imran from running in elections: IHC

ISLAMABAD: Electoral Commission Interpretation of Pakistan Verdict (ECP) in foreign gifts link against former prime minister Imran Khan, Islamabad High Court (IHC) said he is not banned from competing in future elections, watching him ‘won’t face Any problems” to run in by-elections scheduled NA-45 (Kurram-I) for October 30.

Chief Justice Athar Minallah made observation on petition submitted by Khan against electoral tribunal decision deprive him of the right to occupy an office, declaring that he illegally sold the state gifts and hid the profit made from selling them as prime minister.

Business centers on a government a department known as Toshakhana, which during the Mughal era referred to the treasures kept by the princely rulers of the subcontinent. store as well as display gifts wasted on them.

Government officials must declare all gifts to a Cabinet department, but they are allowed to keep these below a certain value.

More expensive items must go to Toshahana under administrative control of Department of the Cabinet of Ministers, but in In some cases, the recipient may buy them back about 50 percent of their cost – Khan’s discount raised from 20 percent bye in office.

Khan is accused of not declare some gifts or profits made from their sale.

During the proceedings on On Monday, the judge turned down Khan’s request to suspend the judgment immediately and instructed the commission to provide a signed copy of short order to the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

On Friday, the day the petition was filed, the registrar raised objections to the petition. content. On Monday, when Barrister Syed Ali Zafar, counsel for Khan urged the court start consideration of the petition despite administrative objections from the registrar.

When Judge Minallah asked what the rush was, Zafar noted that his client had been disqualified beforehand. of by-election in Kurram.

Main justice remarked: “Imran Khan is not disqualified for those elections. There should to be one standard for all. There is no need Rush in this case.”

The court will hear the motion after the objections are removed, he said.

When Zafar asked him issue stay order on verdict, Judge Minallah indicated out that detailed judgment was not available for now.

“What judgment should will the court stay? he asked. “Imran is not want back to the same spot he was disqualified from, right?

Zafar argued that the delay was necessary because the PTI chairman disputed in by-elections. However, Judge Minalla said that Khan would not face Any problems in in this respect.

When counsel claimed that public would not understand this question, Judge Minallah replied that it was not the job of the court to explain public. “It didn’t happen before. The court cannot set such an example,” said the judge.

Zafar then said that ECP decision was also unprecedented. However, the head of the IHC justice notice it’s ok practice to issue detailed solution later.

The court was waiting for a copy of the decision will be published within three days, Judge Minallah said, adding that if this does not happen, the court will consider the issue.

“The court issued directives on the execution [its verdict] same day in connection with case involving prisoners. Court should issue ECC Directives on the verdict today in and our business too,” Zafar said.

At the same time, the judge noted that in In the case Zafar mentioned, the prisoners were tortured, so urgent instructions were needed.

PTI counsel said that the present case was connected with the democratic issue and the CAP can “change the verdict”.

Judge Minalla, however, remained firm, noting that the court would have heard the petition if reason Rush.

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