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ECC approves additional Rs 5 billion grant for flood relief efforts


As flash floods flood many parts of countries, Economic Coordinating Committee (ECC) of federal cabinet on Saturday approved emergency funding of 5 billion rupees for emergency response across the country.

In addition, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif also issued instructions review possibility of restructuring of loans received flood- affected communities from Zarai Taraqyati Bank Limited (ZTBL).

According to a statement released by the Ministry of Finance, ECC approved additional technical grant of 5 billion rupees for NDMA for rescue, relief and compensation for death and injuries of affects of floods.

This is an additional technical grant that will have no additional burden. on in the budget money stands out out of unexpected financial pool approved in in budget.

Minister of Finance Miftah Ismail chaired remotely the CIS meeting, where he also turned to business community donate money to the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund.

NDMA presented a summary in in special meeting of ESS for distribution of funds for flood affects on directions of prime minister.

The NDMA chairman demanded that the allocation of blocks of maybe 5 billion rubles made to the National Disaster Management Fund (NDMF) for rescue work in in flood- affected areas and also compensate dead and the wounded.

amount will be allocated from the contingency reserve of Finance department as a block for NDMF. Finance minister also directed for broadcast of funds immediately help injured population timely.

ESS was also reported that the Prime Minister instructed NDMA to achieve out affected people, but the authorities argued that they did not have enough fiscal space for granting “Voluntary compensation all of injured people”.

Provincial governments will provide details immediately of in next of relative of dead people for payment of Voluntary compensation contribution of federal government.

Then the prime minister instructed the ministry of Finance will immediately provide the NDMA with a grant of 5 billion rupees. money will be allocated as a block allocation for flood relief on immediate basis. Expenses of in amount will be carried out in accordance with the accounting procedure of NDMF is approved by the Finance Department.

Prime Minister Shahbaz also instructed the Ministry of Finance review possibility of deferral and restructuring of ZTBL loans for one year in catastrophe-hit areas. final decision take over the ministry of Finance in consultation with ZTBL leadership.

Meanwhile, NDMA, in coordination with Ministry of National Food Security and Research, ensure security of machines and equipment for gap of quickly flood the arable land.

government It has also decided to apply the emergency clause of Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) for emergency purchases.

However, this worth mentioning here that during the emergency purchases of Covid-19 NDMA, the department reported serious violations of auditor general of Pakistan (AGP).

government It was made AGP report public only after the International Monetary Fund (IMF) made it a condition to audit Covid-19 spending and report public.

Covid-19 related NDMA spending was Rs 22.8 billion and the auditors raised a red flag. on 4.8 billion rupees or about 21 percent of expenses, according to the AGP report.

Not government thus informed whether any action was taken against any NDMA official for commission of violations.

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