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Easter weekend could bring the UK’s hottest temperatures of in year bye | United Kingdom weather

Easter weekend could bring hottest temperatures of in year so far throughout the UK, with highs of up up to 22С in some areas weather forecasters predict.

Warm weather will continue for a week with dry weather expected for most of country ahead of in bank holiday.

Annie Shuttleworth, a Met Office metrologist, said that despite heat, north-west of England would also experience some lingering cloud making the eastern regions best destination for sun seekers over weekend.

“If a people travel for sun, then eastern areas more will probably see which is brighter weather,” she said.

“I think in in main for in bank holiday Over the weekend we will see temperatures across the UK well above average and hopefully very warm. in southeast in detail. Of course, warmer than average, but far from a criterion for extreme heat. It will definitely be warmer than last week. just was and last week.”

The highest temperature recorded so far is year was 20.8C, which means that the predicted temperature maximums for southeast over easter weekend set a new record for 2022.

shuttleworth added: “We will see that the temperatures are usually up a week later. [On Monday] we see ups and downs of 18, then from Thursday temperatures can reach 20, 21, quite possibly 22.

“In the southern and eastern regions, we more likely to see sun and clearer skies in noon”.

The warmest weather during the week is expected in Kent and Surrey, while temperatures in Western country regions are expected to be slightly lower. The coldest weather in United Kingdom in the coming week is expected throughout north of England and Scotland.

early part of week will be also see some windy conditions, with a chance this impulse of winds can reach up up to 60 miles per hour.

Then in light rain expected this week north-west along with cloudy although not expected cause violation. Rain showers expected to be heaviest in west and north-west, with a chance of some thunder.

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