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Earthquake rocked Islamabad and its regions of KP

ISLAMABAD: aftershocks from the earthquake of 5.4 Intensity rocked Islamabad, Rawalpindi and parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on late Sunday evening, according to ARY News.

According to the National Seismic Monitoring Center (NCSM), the epicenter of the earthquake was in Afghanistan. Depth of the earthquake was 32 km and its magnitude on the Richter scale was 5.4.

Lossless of life has been recorded since the earthquake. It should be mentioned here that shocks relatively closer to the surface are likely to be long.term side effects on building.

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Last year in December earthquake. of magnitude 4.1 rocked Karachi. Earthquake of this value in Karachi shocks seismologists by saying they’ve never recorded an earthquake before of such strength with epicenter in provincial capital city.

Director of seismology department of Pakistan Meteorology Department (PMD) said the earthquakes of magnitude just over 3.1 yes hit Karachi in in past, with their epicenters outside provincial capital. Although this earthquake had an epicenter in DGK at 15 km’ distance in north of Karachi.


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