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Earth possession Claim: Alim asks Imran to slap him out live on TV – Pakistan

LAHORE: Disgruntled PTI MPA Alim Khan challenges him party Chief Imran Khan for televised debates with his over accusations against him so that people could know truth.

Alim said that another disgruntled leader, Jehangir Khan Tarin, should also be a part of what is sitting on TV so he can protect himself in in face of Accusations of Imran Khan.

Thursday Imran Khan in podcast interview blamed Alim and Taryn of striving for the benefit of being a part of his government. Mr Khan told Alim wanted have 300 acres in Lahore legalized and Taryn problems when a commission was formed to investigate the sugar fraud.

He said Alim’s name also appeared in Pandora papers and he was also wanted NAB in corruption cases.

former the prime minister also said that both Alim and Taryn joined Arms with PML-N, because corruption suited them.

Responding to Imran’s accusations, Alim asked his “old friend” on Friday like why is he not join his on a live televised debates on statements such as truth could be known to everyone. “I want categorically say that when I joined Imran in In 2010, I owned 3,000 acres of land in Ravi, which I bought from a third party. None of this land (3,000 acres) was acquired through government authorities,” he said, and claimed that not an inch of this land belonged to the state.

Alim said that Imran Khan was talking about RUDA (Ravi Urban Development Authority). project which he sought to develop during PTI government.

“RUDA acquired land from private owners on government rates against several hundred thousand rupees (per acre) and later handed it over over with his blue eyes developers”, he said and asked Imran should he reveals the names of those developers.

“What is the attitude of those developers It was with Imran Khan… this should be investigated. know in truthhe said and also pointing the finger at those who Hosted by Farah Khan in Dubai.

Alim stated that the authorities should also find out whose plane is farah use.

“I will like ask if any of the relatives of LDA vice chairman appointed by Imran Khan was among 10 developers who received RUDA land,” Alim asked.

Taryn group spokesman Raja Riaz said Mr Taryn was advised group members to answer Imran Khan’s allegations and expose him.

Published in Dawn, May 7, 2022

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