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EA is Working Feverishly to Patch Jedi: Survivor With The Very First Update

After a less-than-desirable launch, which caused Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to suffer under the weight of a torrent of bad reviews, Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have been working feverishly to patch up some obvious flaws in the brand-new product.

EA is Working Feverishly to Patch Jedi Survivor With The Very First Update_

EA stated on Twitter that a substantial number of upgrades would be made available for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S platforms on May 2nd and that these updates have already been delivered to all PC platforms worldwide. Today, a tiny patch brings improvements for ‘non-raytraced rendering’ – work is being done, but there is still a long road ahead.

Make use of the patching process, as well as the force.

‘EA Star Wars’ disclosed in a post on Twitter that the PC version of the game has already been subjected to many modifications, additions, and updates. Among these changes, revisions, and updates are the following:

  • Accidents associated with particular filming techniques
  • Fixed an issue with a dynamic cloth while the Mantis was active.
  • Rendering issues have been fixed.
  • A problem that prevented saved Nekko colors from being registered has been fixed.
  • Issues with the cinematic dialogue overlapping have been fixed.
  • Resolved difficulties with collisions
  • A bug that caused opponent AI to remain in the T Pose during photo mode has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the VFX for BD-oil was not rendering correctly before.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the game to freeze when chatting with Doma

And, in what is arguable to be the most significant update to the Jedi, the Survivor patch:

  • A bug caused players to become trapped inside the Chamber of Duality if they did not save their game after exiting the chamber and dying, and it has been fixed.

Because of this particular fault, gamers discovered that the only way to fix it was to restart their entire game from the beginning, which was an exceedingly inconvenient result.

EA concluded the tweet with the statement that the company had been diligently working on additional fixes to improve performance across all platforms. Despite this, the PC-based version, which has received many bad reviews, should be the primary focus of the company’s efforts.

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