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duke of Norfolk sentenced in private for driving violation due to ‘national safety’ | Aristocracy

public and the press were excluded from the verdict of duke of Norfolk on grounds of national security as details of coronation of King Charles III was to be discussed as part of his argument against losing your driver’s license.

Count Marshal, 65 years old, who organized the Queen’s funeral and conducted key role in orchestration of king’s coronation, he was banned from driving for six months after pleading guilty in Lavender Hill Magistrates’ Court on from Monday to using his mobile phone while driving.

Edward Fitzalan-Howard was pulled over by the police on April 7 after being spotted by officers. using in device when his BMW crossed them vehicle after passing red light in Battersea, southwest London, prosecutor Jonathan Bryan said.

He told the magistrates that highest-ranking duke in England had already reeled up nine penalty points on his driver’s license from two previous speeding violations in 2019 and mandatory approval of farther six points would lead to the ban.

six-a month of ban was handed over down despite the duke who is responsible for organization of the state opening of parliament, arguing this with “exceptional difficulties” in trying to save the license.

His lawyer Natasha Dardashti, made exclusion statement public and push from that side of hearing on grounds of national safety.

“This is an extremely peculiar situation in which His Grace the Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal, was responsible for preparation and organization of the funeral of HRH Queen Elizabeth II and he is now human in country who is responsible for coronation of His Royal Highness King Charles III,” she said.

“As to the argument of exceptional hardship, his grace need provide some details and information about the preparation of coronation of His Royal Highness King Charles III.

“Application for it’s a thing to be in camera [in private] is for the reasons of national safety and because details of this will be provided, which hasn’t been discussed yet with His Royal Highness, and has not yet been discussed with in prime minister and not yet discussed with archbishop of Canterbury.

“It would be unacceptable for these details should be made public or made It is known that risk in escape of what information of very sensitive nature”.

Dardashti claimed that information should to be private right up to the coronation, telling the magistrates: “Very few people Was made aware of the date, more sensitive material the less people yet to participate in what.”

She said, “The organization of a national state event is associated with significant cases of national security, not just in public and officials in this country, but world leaders visit the UK. In order to be able to properly put forward this argument, it will take his grace to go into details, and allow press remain forbid him to put forward a lot of of in information he needs to deliver.”

She is added: “Given such a strange situation, and his grace has such a very, very special and important role in this is national coronation of a new king, I would ask this court to sit in camera“.

But bench of magistrates presided over by Judith Way approved his license with six points and forbade him to drive for six months.

“The hardships must be exceptional, and although we find the inconvenience caused, we do not find it exceptional difficulties,” she said.

Count Marshal – 18th Duke. of Norfolk, who inherited position after death of his father in 2002.

duke most senior layman of Roman Catholic Church in UK and cross bench colleague in house of Lords. Oxford education father of five is reported to be worth more than £100 million.

Things are going on.

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