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Drugged woman and raped in a luxury hotel by a man met on Dating App: Delhi Policemen | Delhi latest news

Delhi Police said a rape case has been registered on June 3 on The woman’s complaint about the May 30 incident and the police team Send to Hyderabad to arrest suspect

Delhi Police team is camping in Hyderabad to track down man accused of 28- Anesthesia and rape-year-old woman in a luxury hotel in Dwarka, southwest Delhi on May 30, the police said on Friday. woman met suspect, resident of Hyderabad , on dating websitethe police said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Dwarka) Harsha Vardhan Mandava said a rape case has been registered on Woman’s complaint on 3 June.

The police said 28-year- old woman in Her complaint claimed that met The man, Mohak Gupta, on Dating app and they became friends. The two exchanged their contact numbers and started chatting.

On May 30, Gupta came to Delhi and asked the woman to meet him. that they met in hotel in Dwarka where she was offered a drink that was allegedly raised. The woman told the police that she passed out after drinking the drink and the man sexually assaulted her in hotel room. The next Today, the man dropped it outside A police officer, citing the woman’s complaint, said it was a metro station.

Gupta did not return her calls after that. Then, the woman filed a complaint and we registered a case under Section 328 of the Indian Penal Code (harm caused by means) of poisonetc., with intention commit crime) and 376 (rape). The suspect is from Hyderabad. efforts on To be arrested by the officer added.


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