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Drag the guards, assault the guests outside Gurgaon nightclub

Assault on some guards people outside a club in Gurugram on The night of August 7.


condition of Assault and harassment were recorded after the security guards or “guards” were beaten. up a group of men And the women outside Nightclub in Gurgaon. Video clips of The incident that occurred on Sunday night has gone viral.

visuals show men Being dragged and punched by the guards, who also push the women tries to shield The men. Woman recording video crying out“There is blood. Stop now, please,” but the guards continue with slapping and punching. Another clip shows at least one Watchman using Stick for attack. The men And the women try to hit back But she outnumbered.

It happened late at night on August 7 in Udyog Vihar area of The city. Police registered first-information Report (FIR) against The club Staff, including guards.

In the FIR, one of the victim men – IT company employee – He claimed that when they were entering clubtouched the guard one of The women in they group Inappropriately, which they objected to. The manager Then it came out He said to the guards, “Beat them and make them run Away “.

The group Later he got treatment nearby private hospital.

There have been no arrests yet made Such as club – Casa Danza – Closed and employees are not tracked.

there also Allegations that the guards took An hour away and “about 10,000 rupees” from one of The men.

No statement yet made by club or any of its employees.

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