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‘Drag my late wife Sunanda into this…’: Shashi Tharoor’s response to comments by Vivek Agnihotri and Anupam Kher’s Kashmir Files

Congressman Shashi Tharoor responded to this social media director attacks Vivek Agnihotri Actor Anupam Khair is the most prominent of two faces behind at recent days box office hit The Kashmir Files, which Tharoor described as “a film promoted by the rule of India party”.

Tharoor tweeted about the movie not securing his release in Singapore, to which Agnihotri and Kher responded by calling Tharoor’s late wife Sunanda Pushkar, a Kashmiri Pandit. They asked him to honor her memory And not to underestimate the suffering of Bandit community. Matt Pushkar in Her room in a New Delhi hotel in 2014.

Without the name Agnihotri, Khair, or Tharoor posted Declaration on Twitter clarified that it had not seen the Kashmir files, and simply tweeted the facts. “I have never ridiculed or belittled suffering. of Kashmiri Pandits of Who I deeply understand their plight, which I have been through time and time again drawn interest over Tharoor Books.

“Draging my late wife Sunanda into this matter was unwarranted and despised. No one he is more conscious of Her views are mine. I accompanied her to destroyed Effects of her ancestors home in Bomai, near Subur, and joined Ha in talks with Its neighbors and friends are Kashmiris, Muslims and Hindus. One thing I know other than who they try to take advantage of when you’re not around to talk for Herself: I believed in Reconciliation not hate added.

last part of His statement appears to address the controversy surrounding the film, which has been criticized for Misrepresentation of facts and fueling division. Agnihotri confirmed that his intention was only to shine a light on Season in history He feels ignored. Kashmir files became a word-of-mouth hit earlier this yearindustry over 350 crores worldwide. it’s the highestHuge Indian movie in a year That became notorious for Bollywood delivery flops.


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