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Downing Street gates rammed by car: Man arrested

The man was arrested on Thursday after car faced with gates of downing street in the center of London, where the British prime ministers home and offices are located, installation off fast response security in one of in the cityThe most fortified areas.

This was reported by the Metropolitan Police. driver was arrested for criminal injury and dangerous driving. There were no reports of injury.

It was not clear if Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was in his office then.

Video footage posted on social media showed white car directly for low level gate speed through whitehall, main travel in London government district. Footage soon after showing vehicle with trunk open up against high metal gates.

It wasn’t right away clear either crash was deliberate. The police said they are working to establish the circumstances.

The cordon of officers off Whitehall after crash but later picked up some of barriers.

Downing Street – narrow street with row of Georgian houses, including prime ministers official residence number 10.

The gates have been erected in 1989 in response to threats from Irish Republican Army militants. Public access To street limited, and the gates are guarded at all times armed policemen.

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