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Downing Street denies looking for Swiss style trading links with Europe

Downing Street “categorically” denies seeking a Swiss-style relationship. with The EU after Eurosceptics said such a deal would undermine British sovereignty and ‘freedoms’ of Brexit.

However, senior government officials privately stated that want UK to be closer trading connections with EU in the longer term compare with Relatively conflict-free Switzerland trade with block.

This was stated by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt. last week he wanted remove “overwhelming majority” of trade barriers over time but didn’t say how what can be provided.

The EU has repeatedly stated that it will not allow Britain to “cherry pick” elements of this is an old membership, even if relations between the two sides improve with the premiership of Rishi Sunak.

Downing Street said it was not ready for this of concessions made by the Swiss to provide more access to the single market including the creation of the EU budget contribution and approval with EU laws.

Switzerland pays money the weight budget and tightly coupled with block laws to ensure access to the single market – a model rejected by Downing Street.

Referring to a Sunday Times report that says senior government the UK planned to put the figures on in path to a Swiss-style relationship with EU, Downing Street said this was “categorically untrue”.

However, the FT has spoken to officials. who say swiss comparison over closer relationship was made in senior government circles, but that ministers will hit a different path by continuing to diverge from the EU rules in areas such as financial Services.

Lord David Frost, former The Brexit secretary said that if the reports are correct, he hopes that ” government thinks better of these plans, fast”. Frost negotiated hard Brexit that kept Britain at arm’s length from a single market.

Simon Clark, Conservative MP and former cabinet minister, said: “I really hope and believe that this is not something that is under consideration. We have resolved the issue of final withdrawal from the EU, in 2019″.

Nigel Farage, former Whip and Brexit party the leader said, “This level of betrayal will never be forgiven.”

Downing Street said: “Brexit means we will never again must accept relationship with A Europe that will see a return to freedom of movement, unnecessary payments to the EU or jeopardize full Benefits of trade deals that we can now conclude throughout world”.

Steve Barclay, Another former The Brexit secretary told Sky News’ Sophie Ridge: “We have prime minister who supported Brexit. He added: “I myself did and was a Brexit secretary and worked very hard to maximize our control of our laws, our boundaries and our money”.

As long as Hunt wants to remove trade barriers and Sunak wants to end the standoff.off with Brussels over Northern Ireland post-Brexit trading mode, detailing is very problematic.

EU has made it clear that the UK cannot enjoy Unmarried market access if it does not apply to the EU rules and accepts jurisdiction of European Court of Justice.

Switzerland is a member of European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and has a very close relationship with EU, including access to a single market created by approximately 120 bilateral agreements covering trade services and free movement of people.

Attempts to rationalize it network of boils down to a single all-encompassingframework agreement”, in which Brussels demanded from Switzerland more deep with EU law and accept the unit court as final arbitrator of deal fell through in May last year.

During the Brexit negotiations, the European Commission was adamant that the UK should do not look at the Swiss agreement as a paradigm for future relationships, arguing about size and proximity of United Kingdom economy made such relationships are highly problematic.

Work party said he would not accept Swiss model if this won in next elections, but favored an individual deal with UK including agreements on agriculture and mutual recognition of professional qualifications.

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