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Doug Beatty criticizes Soldier F for being “malicious and vicious” support at the student parade in londonderry

Ulster Unionist Party leader Doug Beatty condemned the presence of Soldier F T-shirt at the Apprentice Boys parade in Derry on Saturday.

painting of human wearing clothes with “Stand with Soldier F”, printed on back common on social media over in last 24 hours.

“No apologies, no surrender”, engraving also is reading.

Writing on social media on On Sunday morning, Mr. Beatty criticized those present of T-shirt.

“There are some people who go out of them way be hurtful and spiteful,” the union leader tweeted.

“Simply no need to that.”

Elsewhere SDLP leader Colum Eastwood also took on twitter on Saturday night to express disappointment and make my thoughts clear.

” people of Derry led way in hosting apprentice parades,” he wrote.

“It was not easy, and it meant that all parties had to stretch themselves.

“This nonsense is deliberately offensive and does not have place in our city”.

thousands of participants from 26 groups marched in Lundy’s annual parade on Saturday the 17th century siege of in city.


Several thousand apprentices participate. in Lundy’s annual parade in Derry. Pacemaker.

It’s over with Burning of scarecrow of Lieutenant Colonel Robert Lundy, better known as Lundy the Traitor.

Service of Thanksgiving and wreath-laying ceremony also took place.

Speaking ahead of the parade, Apprentice Boys Governor Graham Stenhouse said the entire organization was watching. forward to the most important day of in year in calendar,” which he swore would be peaceful and respectful.

“We always encourage our membership and supporters behave in properly, he added.

“We believe that if we respect in in way that we spend our business then we’ll get respect from a nationalist community”.

Lundy, former governor of Derry is a figure hated by trade unionists because of his offer to surrender to the Jacobite army, which was seen as a betrayal.

Annual march in memory of 13 students who locked behind the citygate wall against approaching army of Catholic King James II in December 1688 – known as Closing of gates.

Over 10,000 lives lost in Siege of Derry, which lasted 105 days.

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