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Don’t ‘ridicule’ judicial commission by ‘violating the constitution’: Judge Isa – CJP

Judge Qazi Faez Isa. – Supreme Court of Pakistan
  • Judge Qazi Faez Isa writes a letter to the JCP requesting that the meeting be postponed for the appointment of judges.
  • Complaints JCP meetings were convened in his absence.
  • Says try made Send him 2347 pages of documents via WhatsApp.

Chief Judge of Supreme Court Judge Kazi Faez Isa wrote a letter to the Judicial Commission of Pakistan (JCP), seeks reprieve of its meeting is scheduled on July 28, 2022 for appointment of The High Courts of Sindh and Lahore refer the courts to the highest court, which “requires the utmost care and due consideration as this is a matter of of extreme tenderness.

justice harshly criticized Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial for scheduling the meeting for a time when he (Isa) cannot physically attend the meeting as he currently on go abroad.

He decreed in letter so far on annual leave, he received a WhatsApp message from the Additional Registrar of Supreme Court that CJ called a meeting of UPC on July 28 to consider the appointment of five judges in the Supreme Court.

“No meeting of JCP was assigned before I applied for annual leave, but how soon as I left Pakistani CJ decided to hold two meetings of JCP to consider appointments to the High Courts of Sindh and Lahore and now the third unscheduled meeting of JCP will take place during the summer holidays of SK,” wrote Isa.

He said summer vacation of The CC was notified by the Court of Justice itself and later published in Official Gazette. He said that “if CJ makes his own notice completely meaningless, then let first call him back instead of its violation.”

Moreover, he mentioned that he was referred to 2347 pages of appointment documents of judges via whatsapp.

“CJ wants to hurry up with the most delicate matter in very dubious way. He wants 2347 pages of documents for verification in a week.”

He complained that he could not view all pages as best access and read only 14 out of 2347 pages.

“[…] documents have not yet been delivered to me by courier or sent to the Pakistani embassy in Madrid for hand over to me,” he said.

Appeal to the boss justice he said, “CJ, please don’t make fun of the JCP and your candidates in violation of the constitution. JCP Deserves Appeal with respect and attention from its Chairman”.

“Therefore, I ask that the JCP meeting should to be postponed. Instead, let us first meet to see how keep going in cause. And if the chief judge and senior little judges of the high courts must be bypassed and then first develop for consideration of JCP criteria for nominees, since senior the most judge failed to fulfill the task assigned to him, ”wrote Judge Aiza.

He also demanded an end practice of providing the JCP with pre-selected names for consideration for appointments of judges.

“Restricting the JCP to only consider pre-selected CJ candidates is inappropriate. JCP deserves to be treated with respect and attention from its chairman,” Judge Isa said.

“More attention in business meeting, meeting of cook than judge’

Judge Isa raised objections to the calling of two judicial commissions of Meetings in Pakistan (JCP) for appointment of new judges in his absence before.

“It seems that more care in appointment of the chef is exercising in appointment of judges”, justice said in WhatsApp message to Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial, which was also addressed to members of advice.

Judge Isa said he learned through media these two meetings of JCPs have been called on Nominees will be considered on June 28 and 29 respectively.

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