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Don’t let us die in jailplease five of Britain’s most notorious killers

Despite Cousins ​​initially claiming he kidnapped 33-year-old on orders of East European gang, Mr Sturman QC, said “he didn’t continue with this protection after this moment.”

Mr Sturman QC said panel of 5 senior judges, including the Lord Chief Justice, that Cousins ​​could use his knowledge of a policeman to run “false protection”, but did not, saving Miss Everard family more “hurt”.

” fact that he didn’t try play in system what many cops did over years,” Mr Sturman QC told the court.

Cusins ​​has not yet provided the police or Miss Everard. family, with a full Account of what’s happened on the night he kidnapped and killed her.

Special Hearing in Court of Address

The evidence was heard within of a unique hearing in court of Appeal in which the judges reviewed the sentences of five assassins. When handing down, the decision may set a new precedent on how and when judges can issue life sentences.

Tom Little, QC representing the Attorney General, told the court that in in all cases, either a life sentence was assigned, or life imprisonment was disputed, or it was not, and the Prosecutor General sought one.

Lawyers for Emma Tustin and Thomas Hughes who insulted Arthur during first quarantine in June 2020, also sought a reduction in their suggestions.


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