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Donald Trump to present Graph F at Turning Point USA rally

Former President Trump, in comments prepared for Delivery in Florida on Saturday evening, plans advertise their executive order “Exhibit F” – and call on Congress in give the president more power to fire federal employees, according to excerpts obtained by Axios.

  • former presidential new blitz against Federal officials are following a two-part Axios investigation. series Jonathan Swan, “Inside Trump ’25” revealing his allies plans do issue centerpiece if he wins second term.

Why is it important: By directly by raising Chart F, Trump steps up plans from well-funded outside allies to clear a career civil service if he gets back in power.

  • “To drain the swamp, we need to fire swamp, Trump plans tell turning point usa event in Tampa, judging by the excerpts.
  • Trump will say what he wants in his speech new presidential powersensure that any bureaucrat who corrupt, incompetent, or unnecessary, one might say, “You’re fired!”

Between lines: Schedule F, which was canceled by President Biden on his second day in officewas practically unknown to general public. Now Trump is trying to turn it into key a line of applause as speculation grows he will announce 2024 run.

Context: Trump’s main allies, Axios series reports are being prepared to fundamentally reshape the federal government if it is reelected. They plan to clean up potentially thousands of civil servants and fill career positions with supporters of him and his “America First” ideology, people involved in discussions say Swan.

  • Another expert from the speech reads: “With Graph F, I took executive action to do so possible to fire federal employees who bypass our democracy to promote wakefulness and corruption.”
  • “We are now need Congress will pass historic reforms to permanently empower the president to root out “deep state”.

Read Jonathan Swan. series about complex planning for a second Trump term including more intensive use of Powers of Schedule F: Part 1 … Part 2 … Explanation of Schedule F.


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