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Donald Trump backs America’s fearless warrior Kathy Britt in Alabama Senate race

Former US President Donald Trump supported Katie Britt. in The US Senate of Alabama raced by calling the office of Senator Richard Shelby. former main of America’s Fearless Warrior First staff in announcement Friday night.

“Katy is an incredible fighter for in people of Alabama,” Trump said. “As president and CEO of Alabama Business Council, Katie worked hard to grow Alabama’s economy, create jobs, and restore the great American dream. She has full support and approval of Chairman Jimmy Parnell and the Alabama Farmers’ Federation.”

“I am grateful to President Trump for his support and firm supportBritt said. in statement for AL.com.

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“President Trump knows the Alabamas are tired of failedIdlers career politicians. It’s time for in next generation of conservatives to step up and shake things up in Washington to save the country we know and love for our children and our children’s children. I will be in the Senate fight defend an alabama christian conservative values, promote America First, and preserve the American Dream for generations come.”

Trump said Britt strongly supports the “Second Amendment under siege.” up for parental rights and will fight for our military, our veterinarians and election integrity.

“First of all, Kathy Britt will never let you down. So go out and vote for Kathy Britt on 21st of June in second round of the Alabama Senate – I support her completely and completely!” Trump continued.

Trump’s approval comes after he withdrew his support of Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Huntsville in March, after approval conservative congressman began to “wake up” for talking about the trump rally last summer before move past elections 2020.

“Last year I supported Mo Brooks for US Senate because I thought he was a Fighter, especially when it came to rigged and stolen presidential elections of 2020. The evidence is irrefutable. Then, out of nowhere and for there seems to be no reason made a big mistake Waking up to our massive rally Cullman, Alabama.” Trump said. “Instead of of exposing voter fraud in Elections, Mo lectured to the crowd of 63000 people saying “Put it down behind you put it down behind you, meaning that in effect, forget about rigged elections and go on to future. problem if you do it will happen again. Besides, why are Republicans allow Democrats to go with falsification and theft of elections? Mo was heavily booed by dozens of thousands of Great Patriots of Alabama for rejection of their constituents and what they know to be true on electoral fraud. He foolishly began to listen wrong consultants, not people, and his 54 points lead evaporated overnight. So are his words. caused revoke his approval, and Mo had long wanted to. back since then – but I can’t give to him!”

Britt squares off against Brooks in The Republican primary tour in Alabama will take place on June 21. winner faces Democrat Will Boyd in November to decide who will succeed the retiring Shelby.

Neither Britt nor Brooks could be immediately available. for comment.

Back on Wednesday night, Brooks pointed out out that Trump did not support his rival after Trump took back his approval of congressman.

race was battle over who most closely matched with Trump agenda.

Brooks portrayed Britt as associated with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Republican establishment.

“Mitch McConnell team boasted openly – openly – that they had already spent $2 million attacking me and supporting Katie Britt,” Brooks said. on Election Day. “They don’t even try to hide anymore like they usually do. Kathy Britt is Mitch McConnell’s nominee, and they want do sure I never in Senate. Moreover, they want tell Alabama conservatives who to vote for. This is what we are want?

Britt, 40, campaigned as fresh face in contrast with Brooks 12 years old in Washington.

“It clear tonight that alabamas want new blood. They are want new blood to go to Washington DC and shake it upBritt said. on Election Day. “It clear They want Christian conservative who believes in America-first agenda and just talk about it but know how to really do something.”

Both Britt and former Army helicopter pilot Mike Durant. who did not stock after coming in third place in 24 May primaries — had met with in former President after a walk back his endorsement of Brooks as Trump pondered which candidate he would back, if any.

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