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Donald Trump Attacks Biden, Claims Strange Name Change for United States of America

Donald Trump Attacks President Joe Biden on Truth Social Website

In a new post on his Truth Social website, Donald Trump attacked President Joe Biden, complained about his growing legal problems and made a strange claim about the name of the country if he wins next year’s election.

Trump’s Strange Claim about the Name of the Country

“We’re gonna have a great country. It’s gonna be called the United States of America,” he said, neglecting the obvious fact that the country is already called the United States of America.

It’s not clear what the former president meant by that, but it comes on the heels of another odd moment on the campaign trail involving the name of the country he hopes to lead.

Trump’s Surprising Discovery

Last week, Trump said he noticed for the first time that the abbreviation for United States also spells the word “us.”

“I just picked that up. Has anyone ever thought of that? I just picked that up,” he said in New Hampshire, then complained he probably won’t get the credit he deserves for making the “us” discovery.

“Now if we say something genius, they’ll never say it,” Trump said. “They’ve never said ‘Trump’s a great speaker.’”

Critics React to Trump’s Claim

His critics tore into his new claim about the name of the country:


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