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Dolly Parton uploads her songs to stream and ‘bring some light’ during Covid-19 pandemic

The 74- year-old vocalist stunned fans by exposing that she had added a a great deal of her classics online in order to “bring some light” during the Covid-19 pandemic.

She tweeted: “Surprise! 93 of your favorite classics are finally available again online! I hope these songs bring some light into your life during these hard times. Listen now wherever you stream music!”

Dolly digitally launched 6 formerly not available albums – ‘Little Sparrow’ (2001), ‘Halos & & Horns’ (2002), ‘For God & & Nation’ (2003), ‘Live & & Well’ (2004), ‘Those Were the Days’ (2005) and ‘Much Better Day’ (2011) – to convenience her fans up as the breathing disease continues to spread around the world and declare the lives of thousands.

Dolly just recently exposed that she had actually contributed $1 million dollars towards investigating a remedy for Covid-19

She stated: “My long time pal Dr. Naji Abumrad, whos been associated with research study at Vanderbilt for several years, notified me that they were making some amazing improvements towards research study of the coronavirus for a remedy.

” I am making a contribution of $1million to Vanderbilt towards that research study and to motivate people that can manage it to make contributions.”

The charitable contribution followed the ‘9 to 5’ hitmaker just recently stated she thinks the coronavirus pandemic is a “lesson” from God.

In an Instagram video, she sang: “Well hello it’s Dolly, climbing the stairway to heaven, because the virus has scared the h-e-l-l out of us.”

She then chuckled: “I’m not minimizing the circumstance. Well, possibly I am, due to the fact that it’s the light, I think that’s gon na liquify the circumstance.

” I believe God remains in this, I actually do. I believe he’s attempting to hold us up to the light so we can see ourselves and see each other through the eyes of love. And I hope we find out that lesson.”

And Dolly likewise guaranteed fans people will remain in a “much better” location when the existing circumstance is over.

She added: “I believe that when this passes, we’re gon na all be much better people. I understand that I have a favorable mindset about it, as unfavorable as it appears to be right now. Simply keep the faith, do not be too afraid, it’s gon na be alright, God likes us.”

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