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Does the daily mail ring? Boris Johnson weighs offers for his return to journalism | Boris Johnson

Three days before he became prime ministerBoris Johnson final column for The Daily Telegraph published: call for Britain learned the lessons of the moon landing in 1969 and embraced the “spirit of the almighty” in implementing Brexit.

Such political understanding was not cheap, with Johnson earns £275,000 salary for worker 10 hours month on his weekly opinion pieces.

But, with Telegraph headlines are getting warmer on in prime minister after the Partygate scandal, Johnson may have to find new home if he wants to return to journalism after leaving #10.

He may have others options: Several Daily Mail sources said Johnson was approached about writing column for newspaper as he leaves Downing Street.

Such an agreement could strengthen the close ties between prime minister and mail headers – with potential benefits for everyone is involved. Rumor has it that Johnson is preparing give peerage of Paul Dacre – editor-in-main of Daily Mail parent Company – in his resignation honors list. It might go for some way to appease Dacre after Johnson failed get him a job of Run media OFCOM regulator.

In the same time prime minister looks for new sources of income as his salary will be halved to £84,000 when he leaves office. He also a business with in aftermath of en expensive divorce, etc. cost of supporting several children.

downing street declined to comment on did Johnson role newspaper, and a representative for Daily Mail did not respond to a request. for comment.

Johnson had a long association with Daily Telegraph, where he wrote a weekly column in the majority of his political career. He once described a salary of £275,000. for this is second work like “chicken feed” – but it can be in Search of such snippets of income when he loses prime ministerial salary.

AT current the strong relationship between Johnson and the Mail is a quick reversal from last autumn, when the newspaper often critical of in prime minister under former editor Geordi Greig.

Greig was replaced by Ted Verity, assistant of Dacre who made clear his contempt for previous mode. Verity’s wife, Joanna Hegarty, was friendly. with Carrie Johnson and posted on Instagram about being invited to number 10 prime minister’s wife.

In recent months, the Mail has staunchly defended prime minister over partygate scandal, run ruthless attack parts on Conservative MPs who criticized Johnson and did everything possible to ensure Liz Truss defeated Rishi Sunak prime minister.

Until the very end, the Post Office continued back Johnson, even when another conservative-supporting publications questioned prime ministers ability stay in power. When he was finally forced out of office Conservative MPs, the paper ran a front page asking “What the hell did they do?”

The Mail published the front page on Monday comment call on Conservative MPs drop house of Community Privileges Committee investigation into Johnson. Murder investigation would do it easier for Johnson to tap into other lucrative sources of income – and ensure he is not kicked out of parliament in by-election recall.

AT prime minister is in line for millions of pounds in Performance fees after he leaves office, as well as money from his long-awaited biography of Shakespeare. He also looking for for a new homeafter installing Camberwell home he owns with his wife on in market for £1.6 million.

If Johnson joins Daily Mail, this will end the long conversation with Daily Telegraph, which gave him second chance how young journalist after being fired by the Times for making a quote. Johnson became an employee of the Telegraph. star Brussels Correspondent – writing stories about ridiculous EU rules that paved way for Brexit – before returning home become a political columnist and enter politics.

For now in The Telegraph has been less than supportive in recent months on in prime ministerRunning critical stories and far less enthusiastic editorials than the Daily Mail.

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